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Special Offer – Get Your First 3 Months at Audible for $7.49/month!

I used to be a sceptic…  but as soon as I tried my first audio book I was hooked.

We all spend so much unproductive time in our daily commutes. So why not have the time fly by enjoying listening to a book you would otherwise not have time to read in your busy daily schedule?

I signed up to the AudibleListener Gold Membership Plan and have been very impressed with the range, quality and service delivery offered by Audible (an Amazon company).

Get 50% off your first 3 months at!

Both monthly and annual plans are available + YOU CAN CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AT ANYTIME.

Just some of the many audio books I have listened to from Audible include:


It’s great receiving an email each month telling you your audio book credit(s) have been added to your account along with recommendations of new audio books tailored to your reading tastes. Once a member you are invited to pick up great bargains at their regular member only audio book sales!

Still not convinced??

2 Free Books

I am a member of the Audible Affiliate program, and as such will receive a commission if you choose to take advantage of the above mentioned offer. I am an affiliate for Audible because it is something I recommend to my friends. I  use Audible myself and have found the plan I am on excellent value for money and their service delivery faultless to date.

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