CROSS BONES by Kathy Reichs

cross+bonesBOOK REVIEW : This is one action-packed novel! The comparison made by some between this story and The Da Vinci Code is fair in that the characters find themselves questioning the validity of historical ‘facts’ which are the foundations on which modern religions are based. The beauty of Reichs’ novels for me is that they start from real forensic cases and empirical evidence — the time and effort put into researching the storylines is evident. Every time I read a Reichs I feel like I’ve learnt something. The main characters, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan and detective Andrew Ryan, are well developed and have a meaningful back story by this book in the series. I particularly like these characters’ dry observations and innuendo and think little touches such as their pet bird Charlie (a mimic) and their cat named Birdie really add colour to this story based on detective work and forensic anthropology.
 An enjoyable read!

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