Aussie Author Giveaway!

To celebrate my completion of my own Aussie Author Reading Challenge (still time to join, challenge ends 31 December 2010), I have decided to host a giveaway of some great titles that I have read by Aussie Authors. The titles on offer are:

WANTING by Richard Flanagan (my review)
SEVEN ANCIENT WONDERS by Matthew Reilly (my review)
MY BRILLIANT CAREER by Miles Frankline (my review)
ADDITION by Toni Jordan (book details)
THE LAST ANNIVERSARY by Liane Moriarty (my review)
HIT by Tara Moss (book details)

Anyone may enter this giveaway (open internationally). It is not necessary to become a follower of my blog (but that is of course the best way to keep up to date with what’s happening here at Booklover Book Reviews!). The main aim here is the promotion of great Aussie Authors, so those that write a blog post about and provide a link to this giveaway will receive 5 extra entries into the random main prize draw.

Entries close on Sunday, June 20, 6pm (Brisbane, Australia).

The main prize will start out as the randomly selected winner’s choice of 1 of the 6 books on offer. If my followers exceed 130 before this giveaway ends, the main prize will become the randomly selected winner’s choice of 2 of the 6 books on offer!

An an added bonus for bloggers that publicize this giveaway, competition entrants are asked to tell me who they heard about this giveaway from. The blog giveaway post that has been cited the most times, will win ‘best supporter of this giveaway’, and receive their choice of 1 of the 6 books on offer!

Good luck!

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  1. I've been a bit of a lurker Joanne so it's about time I made my presence known! I'm always on the lookout for Aussie books here in Canada 'cause it's like visiting home. So this giveaway is something I couldn't possibly resist!

  2. Haku – welcome to Booklover Book Reviews! Don't worry too much about the mailing address at this stage, your entry has been registered via the form. I will email whoever wins a prize to double check their mailing address before I have the book(s) posted, just to be safe!

  3. hi!

    geart giveaway, just have a ittle problem with the form, I filled out but, the mailing address doesn't enter complete u_u please mail me, thanks for the chance!

  4. NancyO – That's very sweet of you thank you – other entrants have already put your name in for the 'best supporter of this giveaway' so you might still win a prize, even without entering yourself! :)

  5. Hi
    I put in a plug for your giveaway at my blog. Not entering (way too many books already), but I'll definitely support your giveaway!