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Mini Review – Martin’s Ghost by William Mellen

martin%27s+ghostLast week I received a free copy of the novellette ‘Martin’s Ghost’ that author William Mellen is publicizing on his website.
Synopsis (from author’s website):

Do you like a good suspense story? A thought-provoking, psychological thriller reminiscent of the old Twilight Zone TV shows? Do you like to discover something creative and new? Can you spare 45 minutes to potentially change your life — at minimum, enjoy a good read? If you answered yes to any of the above, Martin’s Ghost, the new novelette by William Mellen, is for you.

In Martin’s Ghost, Mellen uses some interesting turns of phrase and a classic plot line rebadged to explore the futility of stress in modern society, our psychological need to feel in control and the value of the things in life which we too often take for granted. At only 24 pages it is a quick and easy read and the moral of the story is one well worth contemplating by all.