Classics As Artwork – Literally

Do you love that classic so much you wish you could frame it?
Well some clever person must have asked themselves just that question and decided to make it a reality…

I have just come across a nifty idea by a company called Postertext.

It seems they actually use the text of the story to create the pictures.

This is their picture of Jane Eyre. Apparently the dark space is made up of the first 12 chapters of the novel. And, they say that the font sizes are big enough for someone with normal eyesight to read the text without visual aid.

20x24 Jane Eyre   until chapter 12
They have several more titles with pictures on their site.
I have not actually ordered one myself yet, so cannot vouch for the delivery times or poster quality etcetera, but I just thought it was such a cool idea!
What books would you love to be able to frame?
For me, the answer would be my all time favourite novel Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.
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