How To Back-Up Blogger Templates, Posts and Comments

Have you backed up your blog template lately? Have you saved a copy of all your posts and comments recently?

We all put far too much of our time and creative energies into our blogs to risk losing it all at the whim of some faceless offender, as I came close to this morning. So we should all backup our blog templates, posts and comments regularly so that we can recover if something were to go awry.

For those who are not sure how to do this, don’t worry because it’s very simple.

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Here is how to back up your blog in Blogger:

Step One: To save your Blog Template, go to the Design – Edit HTML tab. At the top of that page, click on ‘Download Full Template’ and save it to your hard drive.


Step Two: To save your Posts and Comments, go to the Settings – Basic tab. At the top of that tab you will see options to Import, Export or Delete your blog. Click on Export Blog.

This will then save an xml file to the location you choose on your hard drive.


Surprisingly simple isn’t it. I have now set up a ‘back-up your blog’ reminder in my calendar so that I do not become complacent again!

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