Aussie Author Challenge 2011

Choose the mascot for Aussie Author Challenge 2011


Christmas is fast approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about our reading goals for 2011. For me that means getting ready to launch the Aussie Author Challenge for it’s second year!

I’ll be publishing a brand new page – your one stop shop for the Aussie Author Challenge at the beginning of December, but first I have to design the challenge button.

The inaugural Aussie Author Challenge animal mascot was a kangaroo, but which Aussie animal will take the mantle in 2011?

Please help me choose by voting on the survey below!
The contenders are:


                     Koala                                                      Platypus

                    Echidna                                                       Emu


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What is your favourite native Australian animal? Survey closes November 25th!

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