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The Literary Blog Hop

The Literary Blog Hop

Calling all fans of literary fiction! The Blue Bookcase have launched a great new initiative – The Literary Blog Hop.

While I do not solely review literary fiction here on Booklover Book Reviews, a large portion of the books I read belong to this genre. I mix it up with some mystery-thrillers, action-adventure and chicklit but it is the literary fiction that moves me and for that reason these are the titles I most enjoy writing about. I love a book where the writing is the star rather than the plot – that’s the reason I give each book I review a separate rating for ‘The Story’ and ‘The Writing’.

Literary Blog Hop participants this week are asked to share one of their favourite books and why they consider it literary.

Let the Great World Spin: A Novelir?t=bookbookrevi 20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=0812973992Just one of my recent favourites is Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann. This excerpt from my review says it all really:

The symbolism used in Let The Great World Spin is brilliant.

Each individual, the city, the country, the world – all on a metaphorical tight-rope. This novel epitomizes why I enjoy literary fiction. At its worst literary fiction can provide a stage for an author’s self-indulgence; at its best, it is a form of artistic expression that has the power to influence thinking. In my opinion, Let the Great World Spin is the latter.

Read my full review of Let The Great World Spin.

Other literary fiction I have reviewed include:


I cannot wait to explore some blogs that are new to me that have also signed up to the Literary Blog Hopcheck out the Mr Linky at The Blue Bookcase!

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