Apologies for that slight disruption in transmission…

Since transferring to WordPress with www.GoDaddy.com Hosting in January this year it has been smooth sailing – until yesterday!!!

I had uploaded an archives plug-in and then all of a sudden my redirection plug-in that had been working splendidly for the last 6 months decided to go rogue on me and redirect visitors to my homepage to the 404 error page.

At the time I did not realise it was the redirection plug-in though of course and so I contacted GoDaddy’s 24/7 support and they were extremely helpful. They gave me easy to follow instructions on how to restore a previous version of my blog and then when that did not rectify the problem they began investigating further for me.

GoDaddy Hosting and WordPressIn parallel however I found the problem through trial and error and removed the rogue plugin! So, crisis averted and my home page is back to normal. Nonetheless I was very impressed with GoDaddy’s support staff and thought it worth giving them a shout-out.

I now know lots more about FTP file management and how to restore previous versions of my blog (and I know that will come in handy). Also nice to know someone’s there to help me when things go awry!