Super time saver for savvy bloggers – SkimLinks affiliate links

I am now ready to share a little secret with my fellow bloggers… just over a month ago I decided to try a new affiliate link portal that claimed to make putting affiliate links on your site super easy called Skimlinks .

I’d found I was spending far too much time logging into different affiliate programs and preparing affiliate links using different tools, and far too little time doing what I really enjoyed, writing content for my blog!

After seeing great results for myself first hand, I am now comfortable recommending this great service offering.

Skimlinks have most of my favourite vendors on their books and so all I have to do now is put a direct link to the vendor’s website or product page in my blog post and then Skimlinks does all the hard work for me.

When people click on the link they are (behind the scenes) redirected to the Skimlinks affiliate link with that vendor and if a purchase is made on the back of that visit the commission is recorded. Skimlinks keep a small portion of that commission for providing this centralised commission capture and reporting service and then pass on the rest of the commission earned to you!

The reporting interface is really easy to use and best of all, you only have to wait until your commission balance reaches $10 to get paid and they make payments by PayPal!

There is even a WordPress plugin to make setting up Skimlinks that much simpler.

Disclosure: If you click a link in this post and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission.

Skimlinks has made my blogging so much easier and helped me unlock the earning potential of my site.

There are many gimmicks out there but Skimlinks is one of those rare concepts that actually lives up to the promises made.

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