Hands up those Aussies that watched Phryne Fisher on the ABC last night

Miss Fisher's Murder MysteriesWith much anticipation from fans of author Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher series, the first episode in the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries TV series aired last night on ABC in Australia.

My thoughts – loved it!

I always think casting makes or breaks a TV adaption of much-loved novels, and on the whole I think the casting in this instance is a winner.

Essie Davis - Phryne FisherNathan Page - Jack RobinsonHugo Johnstone-Burt - Hugh CollinsAshleigh Cummings - Dorothy WilliamsTravis McMahon - Bert

Actress Essie Davis is pitch perfect as Phryne Fisher, as is Nathan Page as Detective Inspector Jack Robinson and Hugo Johnstone-Burt as mild mannered Constable Hugh Collins.

The only slight differences from the mental image I had created of characters were Dot and Bert. In my mind I saw Dot as more outspoken and pious (although I’m sure Ashleigh Cummings will develop that in her character as the series goes on) and I envisaged Bert’s outward appearance to be more of a burly ruffian than actor Travis McMahon. This in no way detracts from these actors abilities – its more of a visual thing. I cannot wait to see Mr Butler and Phryne driving the Hispano-Suiza…

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What did you think of this TV adaptation?

For those in Australia who missed it, the full first episode is available to view on the ABC website here: Episode One – Cocaine Blues

Got an urge to read Australian author Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher novels?

Cocaine Blues by Kerry GreenwoodMurder on the Ballarat Train by Kerry GreenwoodDeath at Victoria Dock by Kerry GreenwoodThe Green Mill Murder by Kerry GreenwoodBlood and Circuses by Kerry Greenwood

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