Looking for an Easter Gift healthier than chocolate?

Easter Puzzle Quizzes GrabarchukLooking for an Easter Gift healthier than chocolate? Or something to help the kids burn off the chocolate high?

One of the Grabarchuk Family Kindle puzzle books may be just the thing.

They have an Easter themed selection of puzzles available for only 99 cents!

The puzzles are colourful and completely interactive, i.e. you choose your answer and are then told whether it’s right or wrong. If the latter you are directed back to the question to try again.

Puzzle example

The puzzles are visually oriented and in my opinion suitable for all ages and difficulty levels.

My mum (an avid puzzler) and I, enjoyed completing this Easter selection together. A great way to keep your mind active and look at things a little differently!

Don’t have a Kindle or like me, have a black and white Kindle? While these books work just fine on black and white Kindle models, I also got the benefit of the colourful diagrams by viewing the book on the free Kindle for PC reading application.

Puzzle Trilogy Grabarchuk


In addition to the above, I was lucky enough to be offered their Puzzle Trilogy – 303 Puzzles to review. Still working my way through those whenever I have a minute to spare – finding them very inventive so far.

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