Booklover Bites – Costs of Ebook Publishing, How To Pitch a Book and The Future of Print

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Book costsBooklover Bites  Why Do Books Cost So Much?

Kim @ Reading Matters has found a great little video, The Maths of Publishing, that explains the true costs of ebook publishing and how publishers are effectively gamblers whose addiction it is in our interests as readers to feed. ;)

Booklover Bites  Authors Take Note

Judith @ Leeswammes’ Blog has written a great piece of advice for authors who are seeking reviews of their work. In Authors: How To Pitch Your Book to Bloggers  lists all the do’s and don’ts of the initial email request, from using the bloggers name through to what links and information to provide.

Judith’s list mirrors my feelings on the topic perfectly. I try to respond to every review request I am sent, and a lot of those emails include the word “unfortunately” these days given the quantum, but it can be hard to make that effort when some of the requests are so impersonal and lack any evidence of passion or energy to begin with. And yes, while none of us are perfect, spelling or grammatical errors in a pitch for a novel is truly the poorest impression you can give to a reviewer.

Bernadette at Reactions to Reading has expressed her views on this topic in a refreshingly frank ‘unsolicited email’ of her own.

Booklover Bites  The Future of Print

Although I am an ebook convert, mostly for practical reasons, I have not lost my deep appreciation for print books. Although I find myself doing it less and less these days, I love browsing new and second-hand print book piles. I get quite upset when I see people throwing away old books – they and the information inside them are gifts and should be treasured.

If you share these feelings then you will enjoy this charming short documentary Epilogue: The Future of Print.

Booklover Bites  The Future of Literary Awards?

One for the Aussies amongst us…. A crowd-funding campaign has been launched to fund the Queensland Literary Awards.


Is cost the deciding factor in your choice to purchase a title in ebook or hardcopy?

What is your pet peeve in review requests?