International Book Giveaway – THE FURNACE by Timothy S Johnston

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I am pleased to announce another great international giveaway here at Booklover Book Reviews.

Thanks to author Timothy S Johnston I have a copy of his latest novel THE FURNACE (Kindle ebook) to giveaway. 

The Furnace Final Cover Low Res

Synopsis: In the tradition of THE THING and INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS.
As a Homicide Investigator working the solar system’s most remote outposts, Lieutenant Kyle Tanner has been involved in more criminal investigations and captures than any other in Security Division. He hunts his prey stealthily, tracking them through the trail of victims cast behind, and makes difficult captures when no one else can. He has seen the twisted remains, things that used to be human but are now barely meat. And he’s executed those who have done such horrible deeds.
His most recent case takes him to SOLEX One, a power-generating station that orbits precariously near the Sun. Among the fifteen inhabitants is a killer, a disturbed crewman who for some reason has mutilated his victim. But when Tanner arrives and begins the investigation, he’s shocked to learn that this is no ordinary murder. There appears to be no motive for the crime, and no reason for the mutilation after death. But what Tanner doesn’t realize is that something terrifying is amplifying among the station’s personnel … and if he doesn’t solve the mystery, the result could be the extinction of the human race.
THE FURNACE is a locked-room murder mystery, part techno-thriller, part horror, part detective story.


Check out  Timothy S Johnston’s official website

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Giveaway Details:

The winner of this giveaway will be selected at random and entries are open internationally.

Entrants must have a Kindle Account with I will email the winner at their normal email address provided in the entry form below and request their ‘Kindle’ email. The author will then ‘gift’ the ebook.

This giveaway will also be promoted on Twitter (@BLBookReviews).

There are ways to increase your chances of winning a copy of this book:

+2 entries, tweet about this giveaway (providing link to this post) or even easier retweet my giveaway announcement

+4 entries, provide a link to this giveaway entry post on your webpage

TIP: Do the above before filling in the below form, so you have the link/info required to qualify for the additional entries.

The lucky winner will be announced on 30th June 2012!

SORRY, THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED – Winner announced here.

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