Book Review – AUSTRALIAN WINE VINTAGES 2013 by Robert Geddes

Australian Wine Vintages 2013

Australian Wine Vintages 2013

• 30th Edition of popular wine guide to over 3,000 wines

• Author: Rob Geddes, Master of Wine

• Publisher: Geddes a Drink Publications, $34.95

I have invited a friend of mine to guest blog and review this title today. 

BOOK REVIEW by Tony Ziemek

I remember this pocket-sized gold book when it was younger and thinner and the Australian wine industry was so much smaller. The guide in its 30th year has now grown a little fat as middle-age approaches but remains beautifully presented, very portable and provides a concise summary of Australia’s wine cornucopia. It is an easy reference work for wine-drinkers ranging from the train-spotting, detail-obsessed to the more casual quaffer.

The front-section of the guide has some delightfully-condensed summaries and tables. I particularly liked the listing of typical wine varieties by region and the general comments on how varieties like Pinot Noir have developed over the years.

The listings are clear and easy to search, accompanied by illustrations of labels to help identify your wines. I found most of the wineries I would expect to see, with the strange omission of Rockford, in the Barossa Valley but apparently Rockford doesn’t support vintage listings. Meanwhile, Charles Melton, half-a-kilometre down the road, gets a good mention. If you are going to the Barossa, just do both and fly blind through the Rockford tastings!

Another curiosity is that page 3 proudly announces that the book contains travel information for wine regions but page 8 says there wasn’t room in the guide. Instead, travel information can be found in the app ( for details).

Aside from that minor quibble, the guide is recommended for a trip to a wine region (or bottle shop) or to get a second opinion on when to open that treasured, ageing red.

~ Tony Ziemek is the lead editor of Ed Fresh Editorial Services.

* Note this book being provided free of charge for review purposes did not influence the honest opinion provided above.

Find out how to get yourself a copy of this book: Australian Wine Vintages 2013

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