Booklover Bites – When words become art

Booklover Bites  I adore the artistic use of language, and sometimes on this blog wax lyrical about, what I term, ‘when words become art’. So when people take that theme and run with it, like Evan Robertson has with his Literature-inspired Fine Art Illustrations, I am a captive audience. One of my favourites is the illustration based on Vladimir Nabokov’s quote, ‘Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form’.

Curiosity - Nabokov

Which piece in this collection speaks to you?

Booklover Bites I normally appreciate the literal use of books to create tactile pieces of art or sculpture. Some of the many clever examples include Isaac Salazar’s collection of book sculpture and larger installations by Matej Kren.


I do however think Quebec’s Garden of Decaying Books is taking it one step too far. Seeing books decaying in the elements just plain upsets me.

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What do you think of this – artistic or a lack of respect?