Book Blogger Appreciation Week – What book blogging means to me

It is Book Blogger Appreciation Week and I have really enjoyed finding new book blogs to follow and reading everyone’s interviews.

Today’s topic for discussion is

What Does Book Blogging Mean To You?

Booklover Book Reviews is my creative outlet. While my profession and career is very fulfilling, it is quite the opposite of artistic – it involves lots of numbers and dollar signs – so reading and more particularly writing about what I read allows me to flex the muscles in the arty side of me that many would not realise exists.

During my childhood I was exposed to European languages other than my first language English and studied Mandarin Chinese during my secondary and tertiary education. I was brought up to appreciate the power of mastering language and to respect those that had.

I have very early memories of helping my Mum with crosswords and word puzzles. If I did not know what a word meant I was encouraged to get out my dictionary.  When writing stories as a child I was encouraged to consult a thesaurus to see if there was a more appropriate word I could use for what I was trying to say. These habits developed in childhood have transformed into my assigning great value to clear and precise, and where appropriate artful, forms of communication in my adult life. Whether it is a Board report, a compliance memo or a fictional novel – it must be written well.

I think the degradation of the English language in mainstream media is saddening and wish that society would hold the mastery of language in higher regard.

While I take pride in constructing prose and communicating my thoughts to the best of my ability in the time I have at my disposal on my blog, with a full-time career I cannot hope to produce a literary masterpiece myself. Given that reality, the next best thing I can do is promote conversation about those supremely talented and very brave amongst us that have devoted so much of their time doing so.

See what book blogging means to other great bloggers participating in Book Blogger Appreciation Week: BBAW Day Three link-up.

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