Booklover Bites – Literary Doorstops, Ebooks are Real Books, Christmas Gift Ideas

Mason and Dixon by Thomas PynchonBooklover Bites Do you enjoy literary doorstops?

When I say doorstop I make reference only to a book’s size/length, not it’s quality. I do not often embark on a novel greater than say 500 pages in length, but whenever I find the time to do so (normally while on a holiday from work) I end up enjoying it immensely. Some of my favourite chunky titles include The Street Sweeper, The Book Thief, the Stieg Larsson Millenium Trilogy, Gillespie and I, The Historian, Cloud Atlas, Anna Karenina and Wild Swans

So, with that in mind Flavorwire’s 10 Notorious Literary Slogs That Are Worth The Effort caught my interest. I have not read any of the titles listed – have you?

Their inclusion of Mason & Dixon in the list has sparked my interest in Thomas Pynchon’s work.

For those who have read Pynchon, which of his titles would you recommend?

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Booklover Bites This week the ebook versus hardcopy book debate reached the outright silly level…

… with the online publication of an article titled ‘Out of Touch – E-reading isn’t reading’ on Slate. Book Riot’s humourous ‘GIF Response’ to the original article gives you the general idea of the original article in a much more easy to digest package.

While I love hardcopy books, I also cannot go past the convenience and practicality of ebooks and audiobooks. I agree with Amanda Nelson when she says ‘all reading methods are equal’ in her article ‘EBooks Are Real Books. Deal With It.’  If anything, I think the rise of ebooks is actually spurring on publishers to make hardcopy books even more beautiful and collectible these days, which I think is a wonderful thing.

Booklover Bites Christmas Gift Ideas for Booklovers:

The Geeks Guide to World Domination

– For those with geeks in their life, ThinkGeek’s Book and Book-Related catalogue is sure to have something just perfect, e.g. Lands of Ice and Fire Poster Set (translation: something for Game of Thrones addicts) and The Geek’s Guide to World Domination

– For my Aussie readers, did you know that Kobobooks Gift Cards are available to purchase from over 900 stores in Australia (BigW, Woolworths) and Booktopia has some beautiful books to give as gifts in their Everything Lavish Christmas Gift Guide