Some minor renovations for Bloggiesta

bloggiestaIt is Bloggiesta time! For those who don’t know what that means, go to this link to check out all the activities happening over the blogosphere this weekend.

Last month I made a few small renovations here at Booklover Book Reviews to increase the performance of my site, and last weekend I installed a new comments system.

Inspired by all the activities going on for Bloggiesta, here are some further changes I have made this weekend:

  • Since Google Reader will not be available after 1 July 2013, I have added a button on my sidebar to allow those interested to quickly and easily follow Booklover Book Reviews via BlogLovin.
  • I have finally created a proper BLBR logo for my site for use as my avatar in comments, and on Twitter, Google+ etcetera.
  • I have changed my header and the fonts on my site – hope you like it!
  • I have just installed a ‘Subscribe to Comments’ plugin. This means when you initially comment you can now check the box below the comments field and then you will receive emails when anyone else replies to your comment or simply comments on that same post. Once subscribed to comments, if you want to stop receiving follow up comments you can choose to block them using the ‘Manage your subscriptions’ link in the emails you have received. A big thank you to Marg whose query was the catalyst for this improvement.