Booklover Book Reviews Recap – March 2013

Okay, so it is April Fool’s Day, and do you know what that reminds me of, other than to be even more sceptical of  TV news headlines than usual?

This is the first April Fool’s Day since the passing of much loved Aussie author Bryce Courtney – his book April Fool’s Day (1993), a tribute to his son Damon, remains one of the most moving and inspirational books I have ever read. But before you go off to get yourself a copy along with the requisite tissues….

… here is a quick recap of what happened at Booklover Book Reviews in March 2013:

Book Reviews Published:

The Trajectory of Dreams by Nicole WolvertonSignificance by Lise SonntagThe Darkest Little Room by Patrick HollandA Thousand Pardons by Jonathan Dee

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As you can see a slow month for review publication, but on the whole, the quality was high.

Instead of my usual number of book reviews, what did I get up to during March? 

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What’s planned for April?

  • Publishing lots of book reviews

Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin SloanWolf Hall by Hilary MantelThe Amber Amulet by Craig SilveyThe Wild Girl by Kate ForsythThe Art of Leaving by Anna StothardPuppet Shows by Michael FrissorePoet's Cottage by Josephine Pennicott

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What are your bookish plans for April?

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  1. Just stumbled onto your blog and it looks like we’ve read a few similar titles over the past few months. Curious to see what you’ll think of Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore and Wolf Hall!

    1. Yes, we seem to have similar reading tastes Shannon, so I’m a new follower of your blog! Of those two titles you mentioned, one of them I really enjoyed, the other, not so much… which is which, reviews coming very soon ;)

  2. That was a busy month. Hope April will be a good month for you, too. The 24-hour Book Store sounds like a great book! The Mantel book somehow still doesn’t interest me at all. I think it’s the era it’s set in that I’m not attracted to. I’m sure the writing is good! Hope you’ll enjoy it.

    1. Yes, Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore is a clever novel. Wolf Hall felt like something I should read give a go with all the awards Mantel has received, but let’s just say having finished it I won’t be rushing to get myself a copy of Bring Up The Bodies.