Book releases by Aussie Authors in August 2013

Aussie Author Challenge 2013As part of the Aussie Author Challenge 2013, each month I will be highlighting a selection of the new books being released by Aussie Authors in the month ahead.

These features will by no means provide a comprehensive listing of all the titles by Australian authors being released, just the ones I have come across in my travels around the web. I’ll ask readers, authors and publishers to let me know of any other notable Aussie Author book releases that I have overlooked in the Comments Section.

Book Releases by Aussie Authors in August 2013

+ a couple of titles that were released late July 2013 that I missed last time.

Watching You by Michael RobothamHard Times by Jack MercerGame by Trevor ShearstonWhat the Ground Can't Hold by Shady CosgroveZac and Mia by A J BettsThe Double and other stories by Maria Takolander

The Swan Book by Alexis WrightThe Night Guest by Fiona McFarlaneIf I Tell You... I'll Have To Kill You edited by Michael RobothamDrive By by Michael DuffyGirt by David HuntEmber Island by Kimberley Freeman

Click on the covers to read book summary and publication details.

These links are to Australian distributors. I recommend international readers check when these titles will be available from The Book Depository (free worldwide delivery).

So many non-fiction titles being released in August – I have included a few of them in this selection but decided to omit several books being released by politicians. While I am sure may make for interesting reading, after watching television and reading the newspaper, the last thing I need is to consume politics in my leisure time too.

I’m not usually interested in reading historical non-fiction but Girt sounds like it could be fun. I adore the cover art of What The Ground Can’t Hold and am most intrigued by the synopsis for The Night Guest.

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Which of these titles most interests you?

Know of other titles by Aussie Authors being released in August 2013? Share them with us in the comments below.

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