Titles by Aussie Authors read in 2013 so far…

Aussie Author Challenge 2013After collating my Best Books of 2013 So Far list last month and noticing that 4 out of the 15 books included were written by Aussies, I though it high time I reflected on the titles I have read for my Aussie Author Challenge 2013 so far.

As you would expect from the challenge host, I committed to the highest challenge level of FAIR DINKUM where balanced and diverse reading is the objective.

Read and review 12 books by Australian Authors
– Ensure at least 4 of the authors are male, at least 4 of the authors are female and at least 4 of the authors are new to you
– Ensure at least 2 of the books are non-fiction and at least 4 fiction genres are represented amongst your 12 titles.

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Here are the 11 titles by Aussie Authors I have read so far in 2013:

THE WOMEN IN BLACK by Madeleine St John

Female – Fiction, women’s literature – new author – 4.5+ stars


Male – Fiction, literary thriller – new author – 4.5+ stars

THE WILD GIRL by Kate Forsyth

Female – Fiction, historical romance – 2nd title from this author – 4.5+ stars

THE AMBER AMULET by Craig Silvey

Male – Fiction, contempory novella, young adult – 2nd title from this author – 4+ stars

POET’S COTTAGE by Josephine Pennicott

Female – Fiction, historical mystery – new author – 3.5+ stars

THE WATER OF LIFE by Mary-Rose MacColl

Female – Fiction, single short story – new author


Female – Fiction, single short story – new author

ITHACA IN MY MIND by Peter Temple

Male – Fiction, single short story – 2nd title from this author

THE ROOK by Daniel O’Malley

Male – Fiction, sci-fi-fantasy – new author – 4.5+ stars

GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS by Maggie Groff

Female – Fiction, contemporary women’s detective mystery – new author – 3.5+ stars


Male – Non-fiction, travel essays – 2nd title from this author – 4.5+ stars

How am I tracking against the challenge requirements?

Pretty well I think. I’m pleased with 11 titles read so far, but I must acknowledge that 3 of those 11 were single short stories.

5 of the 11 titles were from male authors, hence 6 from female – nice balance.

1 of the 11 titles was non-fiction and I think I already have covered at least 4 genres within the fiction titles – historical romance, literary thriller, sci-fi-fantasy, mystery detective, young adult, short stories, etc.

And, 7 authors are new to me.

If I had to pick my highlights for this year so far?

Discovering the immensely talented Patrick Holland and continuing my love affair with Kate Forsyth’s wonderful prose.

Questions particularly for my fellow Aussie Author Challenge 2013 participants but really anyone who appreciates Aussie literature:

How many titles by Aussie authors have you read this year?

Which title or author has been your highlight to date?