International Birthday Book Giveaway – choose your own prize!

Birthday Book GiveawaySeptember is a big birthday month here at Booklover Book Reviews.

My blog will be 4 years old this month, and me, well I am going to be a little older than that ;)

Disclosure: If you click a link in this post and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission.

To celebrate I am going to let you choose your own prize!

That’s right, you select which book you will receive, should you end up being the randomly selected winner.

Giveaway Terms

The book prize must be available for purchase from The Book Depository and can be valued up to $30 AUD on the last day entries for this giveaway are accepted.

Just to give you an idea what that means internationally, at the time of writing $30 AUD was $26.70 USD, 28.12 CAD, 17.23 GBP, 20.22 EUR etc and The Book Depository website has a nifty currency selection option in the top right hand corner.

buy the book from The Book Depository, free deliveryimp
Simply go to The Book Depository website (the links provided will open a new window), find the exact version of the book you would like to win (edition, hardcover/paperback etc), and then provide the link to that page in the Entry Form below.

Anyone who The Book Depository ships to is eligible to enter.

Entries close midnight 30 September 2013.

An email will then be sent to the randomly selected winner requesting their mailing address. If that person fails to provide a valid mailing address within 7 days, the prize will be forfeited and a new winner selected.

There are ways to increase your chances of winning this book giveaway:

+2 entries, tweet about this giveaway (providing link to this post)

+4 entries, provide a link to this giveaway entry post on your webpage/facebook

TIP: Do the above before filling in the below form, so you have the link/info required to qualify for the additional entries.

I am looking forward to seeing which books everyone selects!

SORRY, ENTRIES CLOSED – winner announced HERE.

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  1. Hi Jo
    Happy birthday to you and your blog. Have always enjoyed knowing there is such a great resource available to me whenever I am searching for ‘that’ book. Great giveaway too – thanks. Cheers from Louise

      1. I’m sure all these books are adding to your to-read pile :))

        Thank YOU for the generous giveaway :))

  2. Hello! I am new a follower via Bloglovin! I love your blog! Happy 4th birthday to your blog and happy birthday to you too! I hope in four years, I’ll still be blogging! What’s been your favorite part about blogging?

    I know you said we can choose a book up to $26 but I chose Onyx by Jennifer Armentrout! I have book 3 and loved book 1, so now all I need is 3 and 4!!!

    Thanks so very much for the giveaway!

    I wish you 4 more years of success!!

    1. Thanks for your wishes and following Jovon. I’ve found that I enjoy writing about books almost as much as I enjoy reading them, and being part of the blogging community has broadened my reading tastes dramatically.

      Yes, there are many titles like yours at BD priced at half the value or less than what I’m offering. The price tag does not maketh the book — the experience you get from reading it is where the value lies.