Aussie Author Challenge 2014 – what is a wallaroo?

Those considering joining us in the Aussie Author Challenge 2014, and deciding which of the 4 participation levels

JOEY, WALLABY, WALLAROO and KANGAROO – 1, 3, 6 and 12 books respectively

is right for them, may be wondering what is a wallaroo?

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Even those who have never had the opportunity to visit Australia will be familiar with the KANGAROO – it’s become a cultural icon. If not the living variety, you’ve probably seen one on the tail of a Qantas airplane somewhere around the world. But what you may not know is that there is great variety within the Kangaroo species.

The Red Kangaroo is the largest living marsupial standing up to an impressive 2 metres tall. Those that have come face to face with a full grown red will really appreciate where the phrase ‘boxing kangaroo’ comes from – they are very imposing animals, certainly not creatures to be trifled with 

All Kangaroo species’ offspring are referred to as JOEYs.

A WALLABY is a term used to described many of the smallest species of Kangaroo, the cuter variety. They are generally quite short and squat, built for agility in rocky and more densely vegetated environments.

The WALLAROO sits between the WALLABY and Red KANGAROO in size.


The common wallaroo is a rather stocky kangaroo with coarse, shaggy fur, a hairless muzzle, a relatively short, thick tail. The robust body shape, with shorter limbs than other kangaroos, is thought to be an adaptation for leaping around on rocks, and the short, broad hind feet have roughened soles to give extra grip. The common wallaroo is able to survive harsh conditions by using caves and rocky outcrops for shelter, and appears to be able to go for as much as two to three months without drinking, surviving solely on the water contained in food plants. You can find out more about this lesser known Kangaroo species, the WALLAROO at

The WALLAROO challenge level is for readers with a rugged and adventurous spirit, committed to the cause.

Find out more at the 2014 Aussie Author Challenge Homepage.

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