My Best Books of 2015 so far

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It’s time to reflect on all the great books I’ve read in 2015 so far and highlight those that deserve special mention – My Best Books of 2015 so far.

Firstly let’s set the context with a few simple statistics.

I have published 34 book reviews this year so far.

The graphic below gives you an indication of the overall rating I awarded to each of those 34 titles. I give each title I review a score out of 5 for both ‘The Story’ and ‘The Writing’, and the overall score is simply an average of those.

Book Reviews by Rating

A few observations

I have not had any DNF ‘Did Not Finish’ titles in 2015 so far.

The average overall book rating was 3.9 stars. I am not concerned this is higher than what you’d expect the average rating of all books published to be. That simply reflects the careful consideration I give to a book’s quality before either purchasing or accepting it for review.

If I didn’t have better luck with my book selections than the average punter then I wouldn’t have learned much in all my years reviewing books, would I?

We’ll consider a few more statistics like author gender, format, etc in a moment, but first we’ll take a look at which 8 titles I felt were worthy of a 5 or 4.5 star rating.

My Best Books of 2015 so far

In The Morning I'll Be Gone by Adrian McKinty  Resistance Is Futile by Jenny T Colgan

Adrian McKinty’s In The Morning I’ll Be Gone and Jenny T Colgan’s Resistance is Futile were both titles I acquired of my own accord, rather than directly from a publisher/author.

Ever since attending the 2014 Ned Kelly Awards Ceremony where In The Morning I’ll Be Gone was awarded Best Fiction title, I’d had it on my wishlist. I chose the audiobook format narrated by Gerard Doyle because really, who doesn’t love listening to an Irish accent. (MY REVIEW)

Resistance Is Futile was a May 2015 book release that caught my eye. With a female mathematician lead and the publisher’s description of ‘Bridget Jones meets The Big Bang Theory meets Independence Day’ it was like this novel was made for me. I listened to this in audio also, and it exceeded my expectations. (MY REVIEW)

6 titles received my 4.5 star rating

Cloudstreet by Tim WintonStrange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi KawakamiNanoparticles bigPresent Darkness by Malla Nunnwhat is the business of literatureThe One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

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These are highly recommended reading also.

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Reading diversity

Of the 34 books reviewed, 14 were by female authors and 15 by Australian authors.

Author GenderGender Australian Authors

6 of the 34 titles were audiobooks, and 18 ebooks.

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Have you read any of my Best Books of 2015 so far?

Of the titles you’ve read in 2015, which is your favourite?

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