Booklover Book Reviews iPhone and iPad app now available

Booklover Book Reviews iTunes App

* Unfortunately, our apps are no longer supported.

I am excited to announce that we now have our very own iTunes app!

Thanks to our partnership with Boom you can download this application for free in the iTunes store.


It provides another way to access and read full text versions of our website content – reviews, interviews and book giveaways – on your iPhone and iPad.


As with any app, you can decide whether or not you receive notifications of new content. Either way, whenever you open the app around 40 of our most recently published articles will be available for you to browse through and read at your leisure.

Within the app you can:

  • leave comments (viewable to other app users only)
  • bookmark articles to read later
  • share an article’s original webpage link along with your own message via email, text message, Twitter or Facebook
  • view our Twitter feed

iTunes app - Booklover Book Reviews

About the only thing you cannot do via the app is enter my giveaways – you’ll still need to visit the website for that.

But it costs money to develop an app and get it through Apple’s approval process. How is this app offered for free?

The cost of developing this app will be covered by the inclusion of a very small proportion of ‘native placements’ (clearly marked as Sponsored) via the Boom advertising network within the app feed over time. If the products or service offerings from the sponsors interest you, click on the headline to read the full article (as you would with any of our content). The choice to consume or not consume is left entirely in your hands.


We’d love your feedback

This is new territory for us here at Booklover Book Reviews, so if you try the app and have any issues, concerns or suggestions, please do let us know.

And, if you think this free app is something that others might find interesting, help us spread the message by rating it in the iTunes store.