January and February book releases that have caught my eye – 2016

Book Releases January and February 2016

Lots of great book releases to look forward to in 2016 – intriguing debuts, follow-ups from the breakout authors of 2015 and new titles from long time favourites. But rather than overwhelming our reading wish lists too soon, let’s just consider what is in store for us in January and February 2016.

Here are 10 book releases that have particularly caught my eye.

Which of these new book releases will you be adding to your wish list?

Here are some other recent book releases you may have missed:

October 2015 Book Releases and November 2015 Book Releases

October book releases    November 2015 book releases

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  1. My wish list just grew by four titles: Good on Paper, The Census-Taker, The High Places and, of course, Tann Martel’s new book. This also reminds me that I have to get started the Sean Duffy series which is on that list!

    1. They sound excellent don’t they Debbie, it is so hard not to do damage to our wish lists with so many great authors releasing new titles. And yes, the Sean Duffy series is a must!

    1. Lucky you Shelleyrae! I am listening to McKinty’s Gun Street Girl right now, so looking forward to following that up with Rain Dogs. I’ve had Melanie Casey’s series on my wishlist for far too long, so am determined to catch up :)

  2. Only a couple of familiar books here Jo – but it’s always great to hear what others are reading and look forward to your reviews when the time comes!