May book releases that have caught my eye – 2016

May Book Releases

There is an eclectic set of titles scheduled for release in May – from quirky short story collections (Helen Phillips, Mark Haddon), long-awaited new novels from authors we love (Daniel O’Malley, Toni Jordan), translated historical fiction, and debut literary titles set to make new authors big names in the industry.

Here are the 9 fiction titles that have particularly caught my eye, two of which have been compared to my all-time favourite novel Cloud Atlas. Excited? Just a little…

Which of these new books will you be adding to your ‘must read’ list?

Please share with us in the comments below any other titles being released in May that you are particularly looking forward to.

And, if these publication dates are simply too long to wait, here are some great books to read already on the shelves — the April and March fiction releases that piqued our interest.

April Fiction Books That Caught My Eye  Book Releases - March 2016

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    1. My pleasure. I really enjoyed Toni Jordan’s earlier novels Addition and Fall Girl… And this one sounds like lots of fun too.

  1. Oh Jo, some good books there. I never really know what’s on the radar until books arrive. I think it comes from getting the new release listing so long in advance that I never remember what’s coming out until I get the books from the publishers!

    1. I know what you mean Deb. I now start noting down titles for my list as I find out about them, often many months before publication…

    1. Always the way isn’t it… so many books on our wish lists, and never enough time to read them. Do hope you’re able to reconnect with this one Rachel.