June book releases that have caught my eye – 2016

June book releases that caught me eye

It seems June is the month for much anticipated second novels, with authors Alexis M Smith, Jessie Burton and Zane Lovitt releasing new titles. This month also features high page counts, the retelling of a Shakespearean favourite, psychological thrillers including a new nordic trilogy and literary debuts garnering high praise pre-release.

Here are the 9 fiction titles that have particularly caught my eye.

Which of these new books will you be adding to your ‘must read’ list?

Please share with us in the comments below any other titles being released in June that you are particularly looking forward to.

And, if these publication dates are simply too long to wait, here are some great books to read already on the shelves — the May and April fiction releases that piqued our interest.

May Book Releases    April Fiction Books That Caught My Eye

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  1. I have to admit I am crap at planning ahead in my reading. I request books in advance (as I’m sure you do) but then they just arrive and I never have any idea what’s coming. I keep telling myself I’ll get better at tracking what I’ve requested so I know what to look forward to!!!

    1. I hear you Deb. Have tried many approaches over the years myself, calendars, spreadsheets and right now am trying to be a little more relaxed about it with just a colourful array of virtual sticky notes on my laptop desktop. A forgotten request can be a nice surprise in the mail every now and then too ;)

  2. Be nice if there was a blurb instead of just a couple of quoted bits from reviews. We want to know what the book is about, not just that someone, somewhere thought it was good.

    1. Sorry to hear the information provided isn’t as helpful as you’d like it to be. It takes considerable time and effort to collate these lists, and I think it just comes down to personal approach. When I browse books I give considerably more weight to the opinions of those who’ve already had the opportunity to read the title (particularly authors whose writing styles I’ve also enjoyed) than the publisher’s marketing copy. Reviewers comments are what ‘catches my attention’ and only then do I go on to seek out the full blurb.