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  1. I began Beautiful Ruins and couldn’t get into it; should probably try again. I’ve been seeing The orphan Master’s Son all over which looks fabulous. Thanks for the recap for us!

  2. I listened to Room rather than reading the text, and perhaps that made it extra powerful. In any case, I’ll never, ever forget that book. So well written, such real characters who worked there way into my heart. Thanks for introducing me to even more books than I was aware of!

  3. The Shadow of the Wind is one of my favorite books ever! I really enjoyed it, it had me hooked from the first chapter. If you want you can check out my review on my blog :)

    I will look out for your review of The Book Thief!

  4. I enjoyed The Street Sweeper as well , Room – not so much as other bloggers, I thought the second part wasn’t as good as the first part.

  5. I love seeing all of your covers that are different than the ones we have here in the US. I don’t think I’ve heard anything negative yet about Beautiful Ruins. Time to get back into the library queue, I think. :)

  6. Hi, I signed up for the Aussie Author Challenge, hoping to make the higher level for the first time. It might be the combination I need (6 different authors, 12 books.)

    I tried to leave a comment on the sign up page, but I couldn’t find a spot to leave a comment.

  7. Hi Joanne

    I thought I’d finally got a handle on my new WordPress book review site for a late entry into your Aussie Book challenge – only to discover I’ve stuffed up my links to your page. (I think I’ve posted some https instead of http and one I posted in the completion page!)

    Apologies for that.

    It’s a great challenge and I notice you already have 2012 up. I’ll definitely be signing up for that and hopefully will get the system right next time.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. I’ve yet to explore all the links but I know I’m going to find plenty to read. :)

    (My discussion blog: