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Multi Ebook Giveaway Jun-Jul 2016

We only have time to read a small fraction of the books we receive review requests for here at Booklover Book Reviews. So to help spread the word about other titles we think might interest our readers we’ve put together our first Multi Ebook Giveaway. It’s a diverse selection, spanning humour, historical fantasy, thriller and romance.

All you have to do is tell us which of the 4 titles featured you would most like to win.

We have 2 ebook copies of each title to giveaway, 8 winners in total. Entry is open to readers worldwide.

The entry form for the random draw closes 6 July 2016, winners will be announced on our Facebook page shortly after.

Multi Ebook Giveaway - BS IncorporatedB. S. Incorporated Synopsis: Business Solutions, Inc. is in a state of chaos. While the employees spend their time rendezvousing in the stairwells, the CEOs are running their business into the ground through the use of shady consultants.  Will Evans, warehouse-worker-turned-white-collar-employee, is put in charge of implementing the consultants’ plans. Here he finds himself thrust into a muddle of absurdity and responsibility that he never expected.

When the plans push BSI to the brink of bankruptcy, Will teams up with Anna Reed, a corporate mercenary with heels as high as her ambition.  He needs her cunning and courage to pull off his covert plan to save the company.  Can Anna, the consummate job jumper, find a reason to go all-in on BSI? Or is she better off bailing and letting the company go down in flames?

Available from: Amazon

Authors: Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss spent the better part of two decades careening through corporate America-and barely lived to write about it. As company journalists, speechwriters, and communication directors, they survived more than their share of boardroom brawls. Both live near Minneapolis where they work as speakers and consultants. They share their best stories during happy hour. B.S., Incorporated is their debut novel.

Who would most enjoy this book? Funny, insightful, and heartfelt, B.S. Incorporated is sure to speak to fans of such hits as The Office, The Devil Wears Prada, and Office Space.

Multi Ebook Giveaway - Silent MeridianSilent Meridian Synopsis: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is obsessed with a legendary red book. Its peculiar stories have come to life, and rumours claim that it has rewritten its own endings. Convinced that possessing this book will help him write his ever-popular Sherlock Holmes stories, he takes on an unlikely partner, John Patrick Scott, known to most as a concert musician and paranormal investigator. Although in his humble opinion, Scott considers himself more of an ethereal archaeologist and a time traveler professor. Together they explore lost worlds and excavate realms beyond the knowledge of historians when they go back in time to find it. But everything backfires, and their friendship is tested to the limits. Both discover that karmic ties and unconscionable crimes have followed them like ghosts from the past, wreaking havoc on the present and possibly the future.

Silent Meridian reveals the alternate histories of Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, Houdini, Jung and other notable luminaries in the secret diaries of a new kind of Doctor Watson, John Patrick Scott, in an X Files for the 19th century. Stay tuned for A Pocketful of Lodestones; book two in the Time Traveler Professor series by Elizabeth Crowens.

Available from: Amazon | B&N | Indiebound | MX Publishing

Author: Elizabeth Crowens is the pen name for a veteran writer who has published a variety of non-fiction articles. An active Sherlockian, she’s lectured on Arthur Conan Doyle, belongs to several Sherlockian groups, and is an independent scholar on Eastern and Western mysticism and Jungian psychology. A 15-year veteran of the film industry in Hollywood, she’s also an alumnus of Algonkian workshops and the Gotham Writer’s Workshop and a member of the Horror Writers Association. A blackbelt in martial arts, she’s lived in Japan. (Website | Twitter | Facebook )

Who would most enjoy this book? Lovers of Victorian-era Steampunk and Time Travel Fantasy

Multi Ebook Giveaway - Free of MaliceFree of Malice Synopsis: Laura Holland awakes in the middle of the night to see a stranger standing in her bedroom doorway. She manages to defend herself from the would-be rapist, though he threatens to return as he retreats. Traumatized with recurring nightmares, Laura seeks therapy and is exposed to a unique treatment called EMDR. She also seeks self-protection— buying a gun against the wishes of her husband. When Laura learns she could have gone to prison had she shot her fleeing assailant, she decides to write a hypothetical legal case using the details of that night. She enlists the help of criminal defense lawyer, Thomas Bennett, who proves to be well versed in the justice system but has an uncanny resemblance to her attacker. As the two work together to develop the story, Laura’s discomfort escalates particularly when Thomas seems to know more about that night than he should. Reality and fiction soon merge as her real life drama begins to mirror the fiction she’s trying to create.

Available from: Amazon | B&N | Indiebound

Author: Liz Lazarus grew up in Valdosta, Ga., known for its high school football and as the last watering hole on highway I-75 before entering Florida. She was editor of her high school newspaper and salutatorian of her class.  Liz graduated from Georgia Tech with an engineering degree and went on to a successful career at General Electric before joining a consulting firm. The events that inspired Liz to write her psychological thriller, Free of Malice, happened to her while a senior at college. (Website | Twitter | Facebook )

Who would most enjoy this book? Readers who love suspenseful, female-driven thrillers

Multi Ebook Giveaway - Sugar Plum Fairies and Octopus PizzaSugar Plum Fairies & Octopus Pizza Synopsis:   The curse of an overactive imagination. As an avid reader you’ve probably suffered from this very affliction at some point in your life. Why do something, when I can imagine doing? Why take the risk?

Sugar Plum Fairies and Octopus Pizza tells the tale of a man who sets his prohibitive imagination aside and goes outside to live life. What he discovers is a romantic encounter that will change his life forever. It’s a short story for those who crave a break from their lives, and want to experience a simple, yet heart-warming story.

Available from: Amazon

Author: Paul Clarke – cinema manager by day, screenwriter and author by night. Sugar Plum Fairies & Octopus Pizza is his first published work of fiction. (Twitter)

Who would most enjoy this book? Readers who like their dialogue snappy and their perspectives refreshing.


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