Aussie Author Reading Challenges – titles I’m looking forward to in 2017

This post serves as both my 2016 Challenge Completion Summary and 2017 Commitment to the Aussie Author Challenge hosted here at Booklover Book Reviews and the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

Aussie Author Reading Challenge 2017   Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017

Of the 52 titles reviewed on Booklover Book Reviews in 2016, almost half of those were by Australian authors.

That Devil's Madness by Dominique Wilson Gun Street Girl by Adrian McKinty Hindsight by Melanie Casey Ghost Girls by Cath Ferla The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish by Tim Flannery The End of Seeing by Christy Collins

Book Review – THAT DEVIL’S MADNESS by Dominique Wilson
Book Review – GUN STREET GIRL by Adrian McKinty
Book Reviews – HINDSIGHT & CRAVEN by Melanie Casey
Book Review – GHOST GIRLS by Cath Ferla
Book Review – THE MYSTERY OF THE VENUS ISLAND FETISH by Dido Butterworth, Tim Flannery
Book Review – THE END OF SEEING by Christy Collins

One by Patrick Holland We Ate The Road Like Vultures by Lynnette Lounsbury Killing Adonis by J M Donellan Missing by Melanie Casey Mr Snack and the Lady Water Rosetta by Alexandra Joel

Book Review – ONE by Patrick Holland
Book Review – WE ATE THE ROAD LIKE VULTURES by Lynnette Lounsbury
Book Review – KILLING ADONIS by J M Donellan
Book Review – MISSING by Melanie Casey
Book Review – MR SNACK AND THE LADY WATER by Brendan Shanahan
Book Review – ROSETTA, A Scandalous True Story by Alexandra Joel

Black Rock White City by A S Patric Black Teeth by Zane Lovitt Bad Blood by Gary Kemble 5 Ways to be Famous Now by Maurilia Meehan The Salamanders by William Lane The Best of Adam Sharp by Graeme Simsion

Book Review – BLACK ROCK WHITE CITY by A S Patric
Book Review – BLACK TEETH by Zane Lovitt
Book Review – BAD BLOOD by Gary Kemble
Book Review – 5 WAYS TO BE FAMOUS NOW by Maurilia Meehan
Book Review – THE SALAMANDERS by William Lane
Book Review – THE BEST OF ADAM SHARP by Graeme Simsion

Le Chateau by Sarah Ridout Wisdom Tree Nick Earls The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose The Rarest Thing by Deborah O'Brien Mayan Mendacity by L J M Owen Pimms Mystery The Four Legendary Kingdoms by Matthew Reilly, Jack West Jr

Book Review – LE CHATEAU by Sarah Ridout
Book Review – WISDOM TREE a collection of 5 novellas by Nick Earls
Book Review – THE MUSEUM OF MODERN LOVE by Heather Rose
Book Review – THE RAREST THING by Deborah O’Brien
Book Review – MAYAN MENDACITY by L J M Owen
Book Review – THE FOUR LEGENDARY KINGDOMS by Matthew Reilly

Challenge Completion

As usual, my reading and review publication far exceeded the goals I set for myself – Kangaroo Level (12) of the Aussie Author Challenge 2016 and the Miles Level (6) of the 2016 Australian Women Writers Challenge.

Of the 25 titles reviewed, 13 were by female authors and 15 from authors whose work I’d not previously read.

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Challenge Commitment

I’m sticking with the Kangaroo (12) and Miles (6) reading goals for the Aussie Author Challenge 2017 and 2017 Australian Women Writers Challenge respectively.

And while I prefer to let my reading ‘take me where I wander’ during the year rather than making a reading list up front, here are just a few of the titles by Aussie Authors I am hoping to find time to read in 2017 :

Which of these titles by Aussie Authors have you also enjoyed, or are looking forward to in 2017?