Aussie Author Challenge 2017 – First Quarter Wrap Up

Aussie Author Challenge 2017 - Australian Authors

Three months into 2017, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the 8 great titles I’ve read for the Aussie Author Challenge 2017 so far.

Arms Race and Other Stories by Nic LowARMS RACE by Nic Low

I always admire the precision and control displayed by authors skilled in the short story format, but the stories that most excite me and linger longest in my memory are those that offer readers a new slant on or cleverly exploit a peculiarity of human behaviour. Nic Low’s Arms Race, and Other Stories is a diverse and highly thought-provoking collection. Read full review…

Adrian McKinty Rain DogsRAIN DOGS by Adrian McKinty

As with the previous Duffy novels, I was lucky enough to experience Rain Dogs in audiobook format, incomparably narrated by the Audie Award-winning Gerard Doyle (listen to a sample). His dry and impeccably timed delivery of Duffy’s internal monologues, along with the differentiation between the many dialects involved, makes these ‘must listen to’ titles. Read full review…

Frame by Adam K AllissFRAME by A K Alliss

The strength and intrigue of Frame‘s opening chapter leaves readers under no illusions as to the depth and grittiness of the journey ahead. Although set in a technologically advanced dystopian future, at this story’s core are issues garnering intense scrutiny and debate in our society today – the potential for censorship and manipulation offered by unparalleled access to personal information. Read full review…

Amy Witting I for IsobelI FOR ISOBEL by Amy Witting

Like many other Australian classics, I’ve had Amy Witting’s I for Isobel on my reading list for a long time – equally intrigued by the novel’s premise and its author’s story.

The first half of this novel had me enthralled. Read full review…

Toni Jordan - Our Tiny Useless HeartsOUR TINY, USELESS HEARTS by Toni Jordan

I have long been a fan of Aussie author Toni Jordan’s brand of humour and original and intelligent take on ‘relationship fiction’ (Addition and Fall Girl), but this is her best novel yet in my opinion. While I’m aware that not everyone shares my appreciation for comedic farce and satire (to be specific the British-European-Australian variety), but if you do, Our Tiny, Useless Hearts will be right up your alley. Read full review…

Winter Traffic Stephen Greenall lyrical thrillerWINTER TRAFFIC by Stephen Greenall

I have read some strikingly original fiction in my time but Greenall’s debut stands out amongst them. The terms ‘literary thriller’ and ‘literary crime’ are bandied around a lot these days – novels too often categorised as such without being deserving in my opinion – but in Winter Traffic Stephen Greenall has attributed to them deeper meaning. Read full review…

The Unfortunate Victim Greg Pyers Book ReviewTHE UNFORTUNATE VICTIM by Greg Pyers

I am often drawn to fiction based on fact.

The Unfortunate Victim is a timely reminder of the pervasiveness of xenophobia and great introduction to a strong series lead in Detective Otto Berliner. Read full review…

From the Wreck by Jane RawsonFROM THE WRECK by Jane Rawson

From the Wreck‘s synopsis has to rate as one of the most unusual I have come across in the literary genre. But Rawson does more than ‘pull-off’ this lofty creative and artistic challenge… in her deft hands this concept soars. Read full review…

Make sure you visit the Aussie Author Challenge 2017 Homepage and check out the reviews of many more great titles by Australian authors linked-up by challenge participants!

The objective of this challenge is to showcase the quality and diversity of the books being produced by Australian authors.

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