Top Smart & Funny Romance Novels


The best romantic comedy (rom com) books are too often overlooked by smart women that consider themselves ‘serious’ readers.

But we all deserve some downtime... and just because fiction contains contemporary romance and is funny, does not preclude it from being stimulating and even edifying reading.

There is something for everyone in this romantic comedy books list. Get some intelligent romance in your reading pile!

A classic romantic comedy novella that simmers with intelligence and the frustration of office politics.

Think Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest meets Fawlty Towers meets the Love Actually movie.

Classic lit, music, TV and movie references are very cleverly woven into this modern playful homage to the rom-com.

Great visual comedy. May elicit geeky giggles and require tissues on standby for happy-tear dabbing at its conclusion. 

Laughs aplenty, but explores some very serious issues. A quirky, charming and impactful classic in the genre.

Will have you in tears of joy, sorrow and laughter… This little indie gem of a romcom has real gravitas.

With dog driven light-hearted comedy and a sweet romance, this book is a charming weekend read.

Bridget Jones meets The Big Bang Theory meets Independence Day plus a vibe reminiscent of The Goonies movie.

Delicious awkwardness and fish-out-of-water humour plus a deeply moving character journey.

Modern take on the classic screwball romance. Tackles tough issues with just the right mix of hilarity and compassion.

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