improvising+carlaBOOK REVIEW : Another amazing book by Joanna Hines (see my review on ‘Surface Tension’ also) – she really deserves to be much more well known. This story is deep, complex and gripping. Hines has an uncanny ability to achieve two things with her writing – craft and tell an intriguing, mesmerizing story, but also evoke a particular emotion with the reader that goes well beyond the usual empathy one might feel for a character. This is one of those novels that leaves you thinking about how you think about things…. But, for all the skillful character development and important little details cleverly woven into this story, it remains a very accessible read for the target female audience. I think any author that can make me change my opinion on multiple characters within one novel of less than 400 pages is brilliant!
Read the blurb and other reviews of this book: Improvising Carla (AUS), Improvising Carla (US),ir?t=bookbookrevi 20&l=as2&o=1&a=068486052X Improvising Carla (UK)ir?t=bookbookrevi 21&l=as2&o=2&a=068486052X

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