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I have set up this Booklover Hub to provide another channel for authors and indie publishers to connect with book reviewers and bloggers to help publicise their book releases.

Why? Despite publishing several hundred book reviews, Australian & international authors, on this website over the past decade (browse by Book Title, Author or by Genre & Book Rating) I have had to decline far more review requests than I have accepted. There is simply not enough time in the day to read and blog about all the worthy books seeking reviews and promotion.

Authors Seeking Reviewers - Booklover Hub

Are you a book blogger looking for a new book to review?

Don’t have a website? Not a problem.

Many authors are very appreciative of brief reviews posted on Goodreads, Amazon or even on your social media channels (Instagram, Facebook etc).
Books Seeking ReviewersClicking this orange button will open up a new page with the current list of Books Available for Review (incl. Title, Author, Genre, Publication Date, Link to Book Details) and a Contact Name and Email you can use to enquire further about that review opportunity. Please mention the Booklover Hub when making contact.

Whether an Author/Publisher provides a review copy after contact is made in this way is completely at their discretion.

If you do publish a review of a book originally sourced via this Booklover Hub, I simply ask that you mention that and provide a link to this webpage and or mention at the bottom of your review, e.g. copy sourced via Booklover Book Reviews – Booklover Hub.

Are you an Author or Publicist looking for book reviewers and bloggers?

Simply fill in the form below and your book will be added to the ‘Books Seeking Reviewers’ list. The list automatically updates every 5 minutes. If you notice you have made an error after submitting, please just email me at [email protected].

While I will routinely promote this Booklover Hub in relevant forums and social media, there is no guarantee of receiving contact from book reviewers via this listing. If you do find reviewers via this Booklover Hub, providing a link to this webpage on your website and/or on social media is all I ask.

In order to keep this listing current, I will delete entries after 3 months. If you are still looking for reviewers after this time, you are more than welcome to complete the form again, gaining you an extra 3 months on the list.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you so much for offering this service to connect authors with reviewers and without a hefty price tag. I appreciate the heart behind this. :) My book won’t be ready for review for a few more weeks, but I’ll add it to the list when it is. Much love!

  2. If Jeff can’t save his ghostly ancestors from disappearing, so will he.

    Writing for a cheesy Boston tabloid, Jeff Beekle fabricates a whimsical tale about a mob-built CIA prison for ghosts.

    Which turns out to be true.

    Now both the mob and the CIA have Jeff in their sights.

    Even worse, Jeff discovers that his great-grandmother is an inmate and that she and the other spectral residents are being groomed as CIA spies. (And why not? They’re invisible, draw no salary, and won’t hop into bed with enemy agents.)

    To his horror, Jeff learns that ancestors held too long in earthly captivity will vanish as if never born, taking with them all their descendants, including him.

    Can Jeff outwit the mob and the CIA, free his ghostly ancestors, destroy the prison and save himself?

    Book trailer:

  3. Enter Through the Crawlspace is a compilation of 20 short stories about neglected houses that talk, time travel that turned out to be not as much fun as the time traveler imagined, how a village dealt with a post-apocalyptic invasion, an alien up for a promotion, a shopping trip to another planet, a cursed cell phone, an entrance into a time warp, a rogue robot, a magical camera, a werewolf’s experience in the human world, a cautionary tale about an autonomous ship, a vampire struggling to make ends meet in modern-day Massachusetts, and an old fashioned ghost story with a surprise ending. It is the author’s sincere hope that when you read these stories, the hair on the back of your neck stands up.

  4. A submitted request for a review for River Escape by Sam Grant, Action, mystery thriller. A sequel novel, but a complete story. This novel follows the sea career of Mike Peters. In River Escape he has been appointed First Officer aboard a ship which gets caught up in a military coup. An influential young woman boards, who starts calling the shots…

  5. I have looked in vain for contact details for this site so I’m trying this instead. Would you please remove my novel “The Blessings of Stefan” from the ‘Request for review’ list.

    Thank You