THE #1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY Book 5 by Alexander McCall Smith

BOOK RATING: Story 4 / 5 ; Writing/Narration 5 / 5

BOOK REVIEW: This was my first experience with both an audiobook and Alexander McCall Smith’s writing, and I was very impressed on both accounts.

What a great story framework, setting and group of characters McCall Smith has created in this The #1 Ladies Detective Agency series. These stories are unashamedly written to appeal to a female audience, with sub-story titles like “How to Handle Men Through the Application of Psychology” and “The House of Hope”.

The unwavering ‘politeness’ of Precious Ramotswe (a woman who knows how to get what she wants) and the candour and feistyness of Mma Makutsi brought a smile to my face as I listened to this even while sitting in peak hour traffic!

Excellent dramatisation and cast, very entertaining – I look forward to hearing more of Precious Ramotswe’s escapades in the future.

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