Book Review – THE TRAVELER by Suthep Srikureja

The Traveler – Suthep Srikureja

The Traveler is a children’s spiritual picture book from first time author Suthep Srikeruja.


I was very excited to receive my review copy of The Traveler in the mail courtesy of Pump Up Your Book Promotions. This gorgeous hardcover book (with dustjacket) contains a lovely tale in verse by Suthep Srikeruja coupled with black and white pencil illustrations (by Denys Blacker) on gloss paper.


The Traveler is a tale of hope and wonder told to children by their Grandpa:


“Tell us a story, Grandpa…
A story of the stars,
Of light that arrives from a afar;
Tell us of good, tell us of nice
tell us of happy and glad;
A tale of wisdom, a tale of wonder
A tale of hope and the whisperings of nature
Tell us”


This short but poignant verse has depth but is written in language very accessible to children. It speaks of a man, the traveler, exploring the elements earth, water, air and fire. It eludes to creation but does not make any specific religious references, simply referring to ‘She’, ‘Her’ and ‘the One’. I am not a religious person and still throroughly enjoyed this tale, reading ‘She’ to mean Mother Nature.

The illustrations are great in that they are not over-stylised. Their rustic pencil shading adds a sense of childish exuberance and accessibility to them. The illustrations add considerably to the message being conveyed by this book.

About the Author: Suthep Srikureja lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his wife and three children. The Traveler is his first book and was written while listening to the music of the waves. He is an entrepreneur and a writer and can often be found immersed in various bodies of water.

BOOK DETAILS: The Traveler can be purchased online from publisher Mettavisions.

Genre: Childrens, Spiritual

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My receiving this book free of charge for the purpose of participation in this Pump Up Your Book Virtual Tour did not in anyway influence my expression of my honest thoughts and feelings about this book.

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