FALL GIRL by Toni Jordan, Book Review

Fall Girl SynopsisFall Girl - Toni Jordan 

Remember the rules. Rule one is easy. Never ask for money. Since she was a child, Della Gilmore has been taught how to con people. Today she’s attempting to pull off the biggest coup of her career. Her family is depending on her. It all looks good on paper. With a pair of glasses and a sheaf of impressive papers she’s: Ella Canfield, a highly qualified evolutionary biologist seeking funding for an unorthodox research project. And her mark is: Daniel Metcalf, a handsome millionaire who donates money to offbeat scientific projects. What could go wrong? The problem is Della has never met someone like Daniel before. She knows he shouldn’t trust her. But can she trust him? As the plan begins to unravel and Della finds her feelings interfering with the job, she begins to wonder if you can put a price on deceit and love. (The Book Depository)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Mystery, Chick Lit

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Book Review

I really enjoyed Australian author Toni Jordan’s debut novel Addition because of its quirkiness and refreshing approach to chick lit (read my review), and so I eagerly awaited the publication of her second novel.

In Fall Girl Toni Jordan has created an interesting premise and quirky characters for the reader to be engaged and surprised by.

The protagonist Della and her motley family of con-artists take the reader on a farcical journey featuring many laugh out loud moments. The characters are what make this novel an enjoyable read, rather than the storyline which in all honesty was nowhere near as strong as her debut novel.

While Della infuriated me at times, my favourite character was Julius, adopted as a baby from Nigeria by Della’s aunt and uncle. His garnering sympathy from marks by regaling them with tales of of his childhood walking miles to get water from a well was brilliant. Such tales were made all the more entertaining by narrator Caroline Lee’s characterisation in the audio version of Fall Girl (listen to an audio sample).

Toni Jordan is great at developing characters, writing dialogue and finding amusement in dark situations. Fall Girl was a fun read (‘listen’) but I think the potential for growth in the protagonist was not fully capitalised on.

BOOK RATING: The Story 3 / 5 ; The Writing 4 / 5  –  Overall 3.5

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Reading Update: I’ve since also had the pleasure of reading Toni Jordan’s Our Tiny, Useless Hearts (2008) and Dinner with the Schnabels (2022) and Prettier If She Smiled More.

About the Author, Toni Jordan

Australian Toni Jordan was a self-professed science nerd, gaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and working as a research assistant, molecular biologist and quality control chemist before at the age of 38 changing her career path and beginning professional writing full time in 2004.  Fall Girl is her second novel. See Toni Jordan’s website for further information on her publications and life experiences.

Toni Jordan’s debut novel Addition is being made into a movie

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