Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012

2012 Australian Women Writers ChallengeJust because I am hosting the 2012 Aussie Author Challenge (see details) that does not stop me from signing up to participate in the very topical Australian Women Writers Challenge.

There has been much discussion lately about how under-represented females are in Australian literary prize winner lists.

Tara Moss’ blog post  ‘Are our Sisters In Crime (still) fighting against a male-dominated literary world?‘ sparked much heated discussion. This discussion got me thinking…

I had always assumed that I read male and female authors equally. A quick count on the authors represented on my blog yielded some interesting stats.

  • Of the 135 reviews I have published so far, 69 are written by women – that’s 51.5%;
  • Of the total number of reviews on this site, roughly 20% of those are by Australian authors;
  • Of those written by Australian authors, 48% of those were written by women.

I am very pleased with these results.

Perhaps I’m not that influenced by literary prize winner lists?

Whatever the reason, I want to ensure I continue this reading equilibrium. In my Aussie Author Challenge I will be participating at the Dinky-Di Level – 12 books by Australia authors. So I will be signing up to the Australian Women Writers Challenge at the Devoted Eclectic Miles Level – 6 books, many genres.

I will undoubtedly read more than 12 books by Aussie Authors in 2012, but I like to not impose too many constraints on my leisure reading!

Just some of the titles by Australian Women Writers I have in my sights for 2012 include:

FIVE BELLS by Gail Jones – I read her Dreams of Speaking early this year and was mesmerised.

THE SHIFTING FOG (The House at Riverton) by Kate Morton – Morton another author I tried for the first time this year, thoroughly enjoying her The Forgotten Garden in audio.

INDELIBLE INK by Fiona McGregor – I have not read a title by McGregor before but I have heard great things.

For some chick lit I might try Liane Moriarty’s What Alice Forgot and I am eagerly awaiting Tara Moss‘ next instalment in her Makedde Vanderwall thriller series, Assassin due for publication in 2012-13. I have always wanted to read a title by Shirley Hazzard too.

Five Bells by Gail JonesThe Shifting Fog House at Riverton by Kate MortonWhat Alice Forgot by Liane MoriartyIndelible Ink by Fiona McGregor

Disclosure: If you click a link in this post and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission.

I would also like to read a non-fiction title written by an Australian woman – any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hello, my name is Margaret Lynette Sharp, and since February 2011 I have published a series of four contemporary Australian Short Stories, in addition to one non-fiction volume.
    My Short Story books are entitled 25 Stories of Life and Love in Australia, A Taste of Life and Love in Australia, The Essence of Life and Love in Australia, and Reflections of Life and Love in Australia. All these are stocked by the Sutherland library in N.S.W.
    The other volume, 60 Questions, Insights and Reminiscences, is a lighthearted look at life through the eyes of a baby boomer.
    Although my circulation is very small at present, everyone tells me that my style is very easy to read, and many of those who purchase one book come back for more.
    They are all available on, with previews on the site.
    The books are edited by my husband, the Sydney Opera House Organ builder, Ronald Sharp.
    Since I’m confident that you would never have heard of my writing, I couldn’t resist letting you know. Cheers.

  2. I hadn’t even gotten as far as thinking about non-fiction yet, but I did just pick up the new biography on Georgette Heyer by Jennifer Kloesters and she is an Australian author.

    I do have another one on my shelf. The author used to be on Play School and I think her name is Melody someone but I can’t remember any more than that. Will have to check when I get home.

  3. Great to have you join the AWW 2012 Challenge, Jo. The Aussie Readers challenge was the one of the main inspirations. Your statistics on gender balance and Australian authors are fascinating; I wonder how many others are as even in their reading and reviewing? It’ll be very interesting to see if others follow suit and analyse their own habits. I can’t wait to discover the mix of reviews that the challenge inspires. I’m working on the nonfiction lists, but it’s slow going. If you get any recommendations, please let me know.