3RD GENERATION AND BEYOND by Danna Pycher – Guest Post and Book Giveaway

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming author Danna Pycher to Booklover Book Reviews as part of her tour for her title 3rd Generation and Beyond.

3rd Generation and Beyond Book Tour

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Writing 3rd Generation and Beyond: “The How”

Danna PycherWhen I was growing up I really did not enjoy writing. In fact, I hated it.

I always had a story to tell, yet felt so confined by grammar, structure, and rules that for some reason felt arbitrary and a hindrance to just writing freely. I was never big on arbitrary rules in any aspect of my life in general!

I was a journalist for many years and although I had to write daily it was always a burden.

A shift occurred when my family took a life-changing trip to Poland. My ancestors were from Poland. My family was never going to travel there because as I always knew it growing up, “there was Jewish blood on the ground” and no need to go back “there”. My grandparents were Holocaust survivors and they lost the entirety of their families in the death camp Treblinka, where a majority of Polish Jews saw their last minutes.

The deciding factor to go on the trip was the year before my brother went on a trip called the March of the Living. The March is a trip that takes people from around the world to Poland to bear witness of the atrocities that happened in order to educate others. My brother called my father from Umshlagplatz, which is the train station that took Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka. The whole thing shook my father and he decided this was a trip that was necessary to take.

The trip was filled with so many stories; so many little coincidences that couldn’t truly be coincidences, and so much rich history that I felt compelled to share it with my friends back home. I began to write emails in a stream of consciousness without thinking twice about grammar or structure. There was so much to tell and in reality these were my friends so who cared if my writing wasn’t perfect.

I received such emotional responses from my friends telling me as if they felt as if they were there with me and to keep writing! That was when it struck me that I actually had a voice and I was a writer all along. When I forgot everything else and just spoke directly from my heart the words flowed.

The emails of the trip are now the addendum of 3rd Generation and Beyond. I will never take for granted my voice again even if getting the words out are a struggle, there are always stories to tell.

I hope you enjoy reading 3rd Generation and Beyond and I hope you find the courage to write the next stories that need to be told no matter what the “writing struggle” is!


3rd Generation and Beyond by Danna Pycher

Am sure you’ll join me in thanking Danna Pycher for sharing her experiences with us. 

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