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Hindsight by Melanie CaseyHindsight Synopsis

Cass Lehman has a terrifying ‘gift’… She sees what others can’t…

The youngest in a family of extraordinary women with supernatural talents, Cass is cursed with the not-so-sexy gift of seeing the past… but not just any past; she sees death.

For years she’s hidden herself away in her family home. Now desperate for a better life, she ventures into sleepy Jewel Bay, only to stumble upon murder and mayhem and a killer at large who’s been lurking in their midst…

Taking a chance, Cass volunteers to assist Detective Ed Dyson with the investigation. Will Cass be able to save the latest victim… and herself?

Hindsight is the first in a crime thriller series featuring Cass Lehman and Detective Ed Dyson.

(Pantera Press)

Genre: Crime-Detective, Mystery, Thriller, Romance

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Melanie Casey’s Hindsight had been on my wishlist since it was released back in 2013. Now that I’ve finally read it, I’m kicking myself it took me so long to do so!

Firstly, do not be put off by the mention of the psychic and supernatural. I’d be classed as a sceptic BUT I enjoyed this ‘fiction’ immensely.

Casey’s character development is excellent — I was immediately engaged. Somehow, despite Cass Lehman’s unusual abilities and experiences, she and those around her feel so grounded in reality, their interactions so authentic. Particularly heartwarming was the depth of Cass’ relationship with her mother and grandmother, and the tension between her and Ed made for entertaining reading.

But don’t for one minute think Hindsight is all about the warm and fuzzies. In fact, I was impressed by just how twisted and chilling the crimes involved were, and Casey’s straight forward, down-to-earth prose allows her well-crafted plot to shine.

Hindsight is a serious page-turner. I read it in a single day, and I highly recommend you do so too.

BOOK RATING: The Story 4.5 / 5 ; The Writing 4 / 5  –  Overall 4.25

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Craven by Melanie CaeyCraven Synopsis

Cass thought she had experienced every kind of death…

Moving to the city, Cass Lehman hoped to leave her recent notoriety behind her. Her ability to experience the final moments of a violent death helped the local police capture a serial killer, but also meant she was almost his final victim…

With a place of her own and a new job, things are looking up for Cass. But just as she starts to feel settled, Cass is targeted by a deranged stalker. Are the personal attacks linked to a string of unsettling deaths that have left the police stumped?

Her ‘gift’ is called on yet again by the one man she vowed she would never contact. Cass and Detective Ed Dyson are thrown back into each other’s lives but can they overcome their feelings to put an end to the terror? Will her experiences of death reveal the mind of the killer… or is there no such thing as a happy ending?

A reluctant psychic, a troubled detective… and a deeply twisted serial killer.

(Pantera Press)

Genre: Crime-Detective, Mystery, Thriller, Romance


So when I reached the final page of Hindsight I was completely hooked on these characters, so I downloaded Book 2 in the series, Craven, immediately. Note, binge-reading is a very unusual thing for me to do!

The move to the city adds some interesting new characters to the mix, and reinforces the strength and scope of lead characters Cass and Ed, and the series itself.

And remember I mentioned how twisted and chilling the crime mystery was in Hindsight? Well, somehow Casey manages to top that level of depravity in this outing, plus dials up the trouble Cass manages to get herself into. Although obviously far-fetched at times, this is scary stuff…

I’m going to keep this review brief as I don’t want to spoil the reading experience for others. Suffice to say though, I am looking forward to seeing what Melanie Casey has in store for the gutsy Cass Lehman and white knight Ed Dyson in her next title Missing.

Craven works as an entertaining standalone novel, but since they are such quick and easy reads, I recommend going back to the beginning of the series and getting hooked like I did!

BOOK RATING: The Story 4 / 5 ; The Writing 3.5 / 5  –  Overall 3.75

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About the Author, Melanie Casey

Melanie Casey was born and lives in South Australia with her two young children and her husband (who didn’t know he was marrying a writer when he walked down the aisle). After studying English Literature and Classical Studies, Melanie shifted to Law and now works in government. A chance meeting with a high school English teacher in the supermarket made Melanie realise that she should be doing what she’d always loved, writing! Another period of study, this time at the Professional Writing School of Adelaide’s College of the Arts ensued, helping Melanie acquire the skills she needed to put her plan into action. Check-in with Melanie Casey at her Facebook page.

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