Ten Books Every Feisty Female Should Read

10 Books Every Feist Female Should Read

Before we look at Ten Books Every Feisty Female Should Read, I think it’s worth taking a moment to consider the word ‘feisty’.

Personally, I have always taken the descriptor ‘feisty’ as a compliment, and so have been quite perturbed hearing it used in a disparaging context more and more lately.  As a late 70s baby and young girl in the 80s to have pluck or spunk (oh dear, there’s another word that’s been misappropriated since) and having the confidence to express your opinions was seen as a quality to be admired.

feisty, adjective, informal
1. (of a person, typically one who is relatively small) lively, determined, and courageous.
“a love story with a feisty heroine who’s more than a pretty face”
2. touchy and aggressive.
“he got a bit feisty and tried to hit me”

When I say feisty female I mean the former rather than the latter definition.

So let’s swap stroppy for strong, and petulant for persuasive… celebrate the feisty in each of us and enjoy books that do also.

10 Books Every Feisty Female Should Read

Assassin-by-Tara-MossLynnette Lounsbury's We Ate The Road Like VulturesResistance Is Futile by Jenny T Colgan

sweetness bottom pieNancy-Wake-by-Peter-FitzSimonsThe-Curse-of-the-Pharaohs-by-Elizabeth-PetersThe-Discovery-of-Jeanne-Baret-by-Glynis-Ridley

Murder-on-a-Midsummer-Night-by-Kerry-GreenwoodThe Signature of All Things by Elizabeth GilbertGhost Girls by Cath Ferla

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What other titles would you recommend we feisty females read?

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  1. I’ve always considered “feisty” to be a compliment, but perhaps only when associated with women (I never considered the gendered aspect of it until seeing the difference between the first and second definitions in your post). Saying a man is “feisty” seems different from calling a woman “feisty.”

    I’ve never read any of these books, though I’m pretty sure I have The Signature of All Things. I think “feisty” women should read Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and Gone With the Wind (I’m struggling to think of modern reads, but I’m sure something will come to me eventually!).

    1. Glad you do too Amal. There is definitely a gendered aspect, I’ve never actually heard it used in speech regarding men.
      The Signature of All Things is certainly a chunky read, but well worth making time for I think. Thanks for those classic recommendations!

    1. Don’t worry Deb, I intentionally selected a few from my many favourites that may not be quite so well known. I suspect there are titles you could recommend to add to that list too ;)

    1. Aw, thanks Erin! It was certainly hard to cull this list down to 10 books (so many wonderful titles out there), but tried to make sure it included a diverse range because feisty comes in many forms.