Multi Ebook Giveaway – Contemporary Literary Fiction and Crime Action Thrillers

Pigeon-Blood Red, 4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace, First Casualty, Grind, The Introvert

We only have time to read a small fraction of the books we receive review requests for here at Booklover Book Reviews. So to help spread the word about other titles we think might interest our readers we’ve put together another Multi Ebook Giveaway.

All you have to do is tell us which of the 5 titles featured you would most like to win.

We have 2 ebook copies of each title to giveaway, 10 winners in total. Entry is open to readers worldwide.

The entry form for this random draw closes 3rd January 2017, winners will be announced on our Facebook page shortly after.

Pigeon Blood Red crime thriller by Ed DuncanPigeon-Blood Red Synopsis: For underworld enforcer Richard “Rico” Sanders, it seemed like an ordinary job. Retrieve his gangster boss’s priceless pigeon-blood red ruby necklace and teach the double-dealing cheat who stole it a lesson. A job like a hundred before it. But the chase quickly goes sideways and takes Rico from the mean streets of Chicago to sunny Honolulu, where the hardened hit man finds himself in uncharted territory when a couple of innocent bystanders are accidentally embroiled in the crime.

As Rico pursues his new targets, the hunter and his prey develop an unlikely respect for one another and Rico is faced with a momentous decision: follow his orders to kill the couple whose courage and character have won his admiration, or refuse and endanger the life of the woman he loves?

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Author: Ed Duncan is a graduate of Oberlin College and Northwestern University Law School. He was a partner at a national law firm in Cleveland, Ohio for many years. He currently lives outside of Cleveland, OH and is at work on the second installment in the Pigeon-Blood Red trilogy. Readers can connect with Ed at his websiteFacebookTwitter and Goodreads.

Who would most enjoy this book? “This charming, classically-told crime thriller is a must for noir fans… refreshingly old-school pulp, inhabited by a familiar cast of gamblers, con men and hustlers found in Dennis Lehane and Elmore Leonard novels” – Best Thrillers

Four Years Trapped in My Mind Palace by Johan Twiss novel4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace Synopsis: Diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis, fourteen-year-old Aaron Greenburg is paralyzed from head to toe. Doctors believe he is essentially brain dead and unaware of his surroundings, but Aaron is very much aware—trapped in his own mind with no way to communicate. To cope with his imprisonment, he retreats to a magical place called his Mind Palace, but strange and unexplainable things occur when he gets a new patient as a roommate—an old, outspoken, Jewish jazz musician, named Solomon.

Filled with witty humor and heart warming experiences, 4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace is a coming-of-age story, entwined with an end-of-age story, that will capture your imagination with a hint of nostalgia, a hint of the whimsical unknown, and a wild adventure through modern history.

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Author: Johan Twiss is passionate about writing clean science fiction and fantasy stories that are not only exciting, but suitable for tweens, teens and adults alike. Currently, he lives outside Dallas, Texas with his sweetheart and their 5 crazy kiddos. They enjoy playing games, watching movies, having jam sessions, and going on long roadtrips to explore new places Readers can connect with Johan at his website, FacebookTwitter and Goodreads.

Who would most enjoy this book? Someone who enjoys a feel good story, like Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie, mixed with a healthy dose of humor, a dash of the whimsical unknown, all wrapped in an entertaining historical fiction.

4th Book in Gabriel Wolfe action thriller seriesFirst Casualty Synopsis: Can a government assassin avenge betrayal or will he lose his career, his mind and his life? When Gabriel Wolfe, a government assassin afflicted by PTSD, travels to Africa to recover the body of a former SAS comrade, he has the backing of the British prime minister. But every favour comes at a price. And now Gabriel has to complete another hit before he can continue his search for salvation.

What he discovers next shakes his faith in everything he trusts. He has marched headlong into the heart of a corrupt web of land deals, blood diamonds and the global arms trade. At the centre of the web sits someone Gabriel can hardly believe is guilty. Someone he’ll need every ounce of his skills and resolve to defeat. Standing between him and the truth are tooled-up mercenaries, a local warlord and his machete-wielding ‘Rock and Roll Boys’ and a mysterious assassin who anticipates his every move.

This complex and breathtaking action thriller is the fourth novel in Andy Maslen’s Gabriel Wolfe series. First Casualty begins in the middle of a firefight in Africa, where Gabriel and his partner, Britta Falskog, are facing a crew of bloodthirsty militia fighters commanded by the terrifying Mama Chissano. The action moves between London, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Hong Kong and never lets up.

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Author: Andy Maslen was born in Nottingham, in the UK, home of legendary bowman Robin Hood. Andy once won a medal for archery, although he has never been locked up by the Sheriff. He has worked in a record shop, as a barman, as a door-to-door DIY products salesman and a cook in an Italian restaurant. He eventually landed a job in marketing, writing mailshots to sell business management reports. He spent 10 years in the corporate world before launching a business writing agency, Sunfish, where he writes for clients including The Economist, Christie’s and World Vision. He lives in Wiltshire, with his wife, two sons and a whippet named Merlin. Readers can connect with Andy Maslen at his websiteFacebookTwitter and Goodreads.

Who would most enjoy this book? Fans of Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne, John Milton and other hard-hitting thrillers centred on male action heroes.

Grind by Edward VukovicGrind Synopsis:  Ziva’s love of coffee is double-edged. Throughout her life, she gives her talent freely to those desperate for a glimpse into destiny’s promise. Predicting the future with chilling accuracy, she understands the cost and has sworn never to divine her own truth. Having fled the economic aftershocks of the Balkan war, she struggles adjusting to her new life and clings to the remnants of her past, until she meets Isaac. Against her better judgement, Ziva ‘reads’ for herself and what she sees will change her life irrevocably.

Told from the perspective of multiple characters, Grind follows the plight of Ziva, an ordinary immigrant with an extraordinary gift, and highlights the impact we have on each other through the interconnectedness of chance encounters.

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Author: Edward Vukovic is a Melbourne-based writer and novelist and writes for numerous publications and websites. When he’s not writing about his poor parenting skills, his obsession with LEGO, the Eurovision Song Contest or fantasy football you will likely find him yelling at the television, unaware that the players of whatever sport he’s watching at the time can’t actually hear his ranting. Edward is married to his wonderfully patient and talented wife Vesna and is a proud, if sometimes bewildered, father to his amazing son Oliver. Readers can connect with Edward at his websiteFacebookTwitter and Goodreads.

Who would most enjoy this book? Anyone who likes contemporary fiction, literary fiction, occult themes, and strong female characters.

The Introvert by Michael Michaud novel giveawayThe Introvert Synopsis: A vacuum salesman by day, the introvert lives a quiet life alone with his dog until a work relationship and a dark secret from his past team up to create an uncomfortable imbalance in his otherwise ordered life, one that soon finds him squarely at the center of a murder investigation. With his thoughts continually urging him to make people “red and open” and to “achieve it” with his girlfriend Donna, what follows is a sometimes brutal, oftentimes hilarious, and absurdist account of the life of one very anti-social and unexpected anti-hero.

Read the Goodreads reviews so far.

Available from: Amazon | Smashwords

Author: The Introvert is Michael P Michaud’s second novel. His debut, Billy Tabbs (& The Glorious Darrow) was released in 2014 from Bitingduck Press and currently holds a 4.14 rating on Goodreads. Readers can connect with Michael on Facebook.

Who would most enjoy this book? Equal parts Crime and Punishment and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, The Introvert will appeal to fans of black humour, mystery, and crime.

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