FRAME by A K Alliss, Book Review

Debut novel from Aussie author AK Alliss, Ouroboros Cycle Book 1.

A K Alliss Frame ReviewFrame Synopsis :

How far would you go to save someone who was already dead?

Hidden in the frame of a single photo, a content producer for social media sensation, Mathew Albrecht, discovers his possible ties to a global terrorist organisation. Could her client’s involvement also be linked to the death of her husband years earlier or is it something entirely more sinister in nature?

What is revealed may eclipse everything that she thought she knew, forcing her to confront the ghosts of her past in her pursuit of the truth.

Frame is a genre-bending thriller, set in a world poised on the brink of insanity.

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The strength and intrigue of Frame‘s opening chapter leaves readers under no illusions as to the depth and grittiness of the journey ahead.

Although set in a technologically advanced dystopian future, at this story’s core are issues garnering intense scrutiny and debate in our society today – the potential for censorship and manipulation offered by unparalleled access to personal information.

The full extent of the dystopia is revealed gradually through multiple narrative perspectives, building plausibility and the reader’s engagement with the characters. In fact, Alliss’ skilful character development and juxtaposition of humanity with an increasingly de-humanised societal construct, was the highlight of this novel for me.

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This professionalism, it is part of the appeal for those who can afford to have work produced by Hive, a content production collective that specialises in the creation of celebrity. The producers are given one client at a time, which is meant to promote continuity and decrease production time. She acknowledges that what she does for her lone client is vacuous, has no illusions about the validity of her existence, but she lies to herself anyway.

That Alliss has invested considerable time and effort in world-building within Frame is clear, and this highly descriptive writing style will appeal to many. However, some passages felt a little over-written for my personal tastes, and I would suggest a leaner approach may have heightened suspense even further.

Frame is a story cleverly constructed to bloom into a high octane thriller, so I am loathe to reveal too much. But that Allis has highly entertaining and thought provoking tales to tell is clear, and I look forward to reading what comes next from this Australian author.

UPDATE: We’ve since also enjoyed Book 2 in this Ouroboros Cycle Series, Future’s Orphans.

BOOK RATING: The Story 4 / 5 ; The Writing 3.5 / 5

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Genre: Action-Adventure, Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Romance

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About the Author, AK Alliss

AK Alliss grew up in a remote mining town in Western Australia. During this time, he developed a love of reading and writing which has continued into adulthood. He is currently completing his BSc. in Human Behavioural Studies (Psychology) at Swinburne University. Adam’s interest in social behaviour is evident in his writing which deals largely with the interaction between humans and technology and its impact on society.

Frame is the first in a series of novels, The Ouroboros Cycle. He currently resides in Perth with his wife, two daughters and a sausage dog named Bratwurst, and may have an addiction to caffeine.

Connect with Adam on his websiteFacebook or on Twitter.

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