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Scatterwood Piers Alexander Momo Freaks Out Samone Bos

Only two titles this fortnight, one a much anticipated sequel and the other a lovely surprise.

Scatterwood by Piers Alexander

It was hard not to be swept up by Piers Alexander’s debut novel, The Bitter Trade, a rollicking good yarn fueled by mystery and deception at every turn — top quality historical adventure fiction. So I have been looking forward to seeing what trouble Alexander’s wily protagonist Calumny Spinks can get himself out of in this sequel.

Recent release, review copy from the author.

Scatterwood is also being serialised at The Pigeonhole during March.

UPDATE: Read our 3.75 Star Review

Momo Freaks Out by Samone Bos

A long time ago, way before Facebook and Instagram, and when no one had even considered Snapchat, there were blogs. One day, bored at work, Momo, a typical twenty-something, discovered this curious new underworld of secret diaries. Soon she’s living her life online, baring her soul and relationships, equal parts funny and pitiful.

With blogged stories and anecdotes spanning a freakishly well-remembered childhood and her then-present, Momo’s blog life opens doors, eventually taking her from being a young book editor in Melbourne to an English teacher in Tokyo, navigating earthquakes from under a table.

Momo Freaks Out represents a time, a subculture and a whole lot of silly hijinks in a decade that seems both very recent and distant.

Recent release, review copy from Echo Publishing (Bonnier).

UPDATE: Read our 3 Star Review

Which of these titles most interest you?

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  1. Hi Jo,

    I like the sound of ‘Scatterwood’, but it looks as though the two books need to be read as a mini series to get the best out of the storyline, I’m not sure that either would work very well as a stand alone. I am also a bit dubious about the cover art of either book, they don’t look very appealing and I would probably pass them by on the the shelves of the book shop.

    I shall be interested to see what kind of rating you give the book and thanks for sharing :)


  2. Hard choice. Momo Freaks Out would be more familiar, although I don’t blog, never have. Scatterwood sounds intriguing.

  3. I want to read Momo Freaks Out by Samone Bos! I think I can relate to her as a book blogger myself. :-D
    Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a great week filled with Awesome reads. Happy reading. :-D