Books by Aussie Authors – 2017 Reading

2017 was another fantastic year for reading Australian books here at Booklover Book Reviews. We read and reviewed 20 books by Aussie Authors and featured a further 10 titles hosting Guest Posts from Australian writers.

Australian Authors 2017

Aussie Author Book Reviews

Arms Race by Nic Low — Short Stories, Literature — M — ★★★★½

Rain Dogs by Adrian McKinty — Crime, Mystery, Thriller — M — ★★★★¼

Frame by A K Alliss — Action-Adventure, Thriller, Sci-Fi-Fantasy — M — ★★★¾

I for Isobel by Amy Witting — Classic, Literature, Historical — F — ★★★¾

Our Tiny, Useless Hearts by Toni Jordan — Romance, Humour, Drama — F — ★★★★½

Winter Traffic by Stephen Greenall — Literature, Action, Thriller, Crime — M — ★★★★¼

The Unfortunate Victim by Greg Pyers — Historical, Mystery, Crime — M — ★★★★

From the Wreck by Jane Rawson — Literature, Fantasy, Historical — F — ★★★★★

The Hidden Hours by Sara Foster — Crime, Drama, Thriller — F — ★★★

Momo Freaks Out by Samone Bos — Non-Fiction, Humour, Drama — F — ★★★

Girl in Between by Anna Daniels — Romance, Humour, Drama — F — ★★★½

The Girl in Kellers Way by Megan Goldin — Mystery, Drama, Crime, Thriller — F — ★★★¾

A Reluctant Warrior by Kelly Brooke Nicholls — Action, Thriller, Drama — F — ★★★★

Beauty in Thorns by Kate Forsyth — Historical, Literature, Romance — F — ★★★★¾

And Fire Came Down by Emma Viskic — Crime, Drama, Thriller — F — ★★★★½

Too Easy by J M Green — Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Drama — F — ★★★★¾

Atlantic Black by A S Patric — Literature, Drama, Thriller — M — ★★★★½

Soon by Lois Murphy — Fantasy, Drama, Thriller — F — ★★★★½

Two Steps Forward, Graeme Simsion & Anne Buist — Romance, Humour – MF – ★★★★

Future’s Orphans by AK Alliss — Action-Adventure, Thriller, Sci-Fi-Fantasy — M — ★★★½

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Reading Challenge Completion

13 of the 20 books reviewed were written by Australian Women Writers, far exceeding my Miles Level (6 book) target level for the 2017 Australian Women Writers Challenge. I will be signing up to this challenge again at the same level for 2018.

As you can see there are also several genre represented in these 20 titles by Aussie Authors and 13 authors that were new to me, so I have easily met my Kangaroo reading target for the Aussie Author Challenge 2017.

Aussie Author Reading Challenge 2018Top Aussie Reads of 2017

Also of note is how highly I rated several of these titles — quality reading across all genres. My top three Aussie Reads were Jane Rawson’s From the Wreck (Literature), Kate Forsyth’s Beauty in Thorns (Historical Fiction) and JM Green’s Too Easy (Crime Thriller).

I am of course recommitting to the Kangaroo Level for the 2018 Aussie Author Challenge. I hope you’ll join me!

Australian Author Guest Posts 2017

Aussie Author Guest Posts

Paul Terry, author of The Claimant — Non-Fiction, Historical — M

Cassandra Austin, author of All Fall Down — Mystery, Thriller, Literature — F

Robert Wainwright, author of Miss Muriel Matters — Non-Fiction, Historical — M

David Cohen, author of Disappearing off the Face of the Earth — Literature, Drama — M

Anna Daniels, author of Girl in Between — Romance, Humour — F

Megan Goldin, author of The Girl in Kellers Way — Crime, Thriller — F

Ondine Sherman, author of Sky — Young Adult — F

Michael Fitzgerald, author of The Pacific Room — Literature, Adventure — M

Dorothy Johnston, author of The Swan Island Connection — Historical, Mystery — F

Peter Yeldham, author of The Last Double Sunrise — Historical, Adventure — M

WW Mortensen, author of Eight and Slithers — Horror, Thriller — M

Elizabeth Jane Corbett, author of The Tides Between — Historical, Fantasy — F

What was your favourite Aussie Read of 2017?

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