The Reading Nook’s Favourite Aussie Reads

We love talking about any and all books here at Booklover Book Reviews, but as long time hosts of the annual Aussie Author Reading Challenge we cannot deny having a soft spot for Australian titles. And, we are not the only ones.

Today we are delighted to have the team at The Reading Nook share with us their Favourite Aussie Reads.

The Reading Nook's Favourite Australian Reads

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The Reading Nook’s Favourite Aussie Reads

‘Amnesty’ by Aravind Adiga

A complex tale about a young illegal immigrant and the decision between doing what is right and doing what is needed to survive. Amnesty provides an insight into the lives of refugees and asylum seekers and the often-untold human suffering overshadowed by divisionary Australian politics on the issue. Learn more >> 

‘A Lonely Girl Is A Dangerous Thing’ by Jessie Tu

A story of music, raw talent, and a void left by unexplored potential. The relatable musings of chance, risk, and mediocrity. Like all unfulfilled talent, the void of emptiness is all-consuming for Jena and manifests into an unyielding pull for the physical affection of others. A fantastic read from a talented new Australian author. Learn more >>

‘The Labyrinth’ by Amanda Lohrey

The Labyrinth explores the messy relationship between parents and children, strangers and friends, and the lives we construct and continually reform. The coastal theme of the regenerative and destructive powers of the ocean resonates with any person living on the rugged shore of Australia. It definitely struck a chord with us! Learn more >>

Witness’ by Louise Milligan

Topical, relevant, and a story needing to be told. An examination of the shortcomings of the Australian legal system and the need for systemic change. A book more relevant than ever! Learn more >>

‘The Yield’ by Tara June Winch

A story of dispossession, loss, and identity. Explored in culture, language, and Winch’s unique writing style. A complex book needing to be read, with stories that need to be heard. The Yield is the follow-up book from Swallow The Air, an equally moving and tragic storytelling of generational trauma, dispossession, and a need for belonging. Learn more >>

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