Aussie Author Challenge 2017

Note: This page will remain live until year’s end, but our new homepage for the Aussie Author Challenge 2018 is now live also and taking sign-ups.

Aussie Author Challenge 2017
The Aussie Author Challenge 2017, now in it’s 8th year.

Whether you are a patriotic Australian, an aspiring or armchair tourist or simply an international reader wanting to discover some talented new authors and interact with like-minded readers, the Aussie Author Challenge could be for you!

The objective of this challenge is to showcase the quality and diversity of the books being produced by Australian authors.

This dedicated page here at Booklover Book Reviews will be your one-stop shop for the challenge.

What is there to gain from participating in this reading challenge?

  • Extra entries into all book giveaways we host during 2017.
  • A link to every book review you publish and link up below will be featured in the ‘Aussie Author Challenge Update’ section of our Booklover Book Reviews Newsletter (currently ~1000 subscribers). Sign-up to receive this newsletter at the top of this page (right sidebar).
  • Being welcomed into a passionate group of book lovers and exposure to the diverse range of books being published by Australian authors!

Read on to decide which Aussie Author Challenge level suits you and how you can get involved.

Read and review 3 titles written by Australian authors, of which at least 1 of those authors are female, at least 1 of those authors are male, and at least 1 of those authors are new to you; Fiction or non-fiction, any genre.
Read and review 6 titles written by Australian authors, of which at least 2 of those authors are female, at least 2 of those authors are male, and at least 2 of those authors are new to you; Fiction or non-fiction, at least 2 genre.
Read and review 12 titles written by Australian Authors of which at least 4 of those authors are female, at least 4 of those authors are male, and at least 4 of those authors are new to you; Fiction or non-fiction, at least 3 genre.

How to Join:

1. Tell the world you are committing to this challenge and at what level – you can do that either on your own website, facebook, google+, twitter or basically any form of social media. In that commitment provide a link to this page and where possible display the Aussie Author Challenge 2017 badge to show your support for the initiative. Then register for the challenge by adding a link to your challenge commitment to the Registration Linky below.

2. Each time you read and review a book please also refer/link to this challenge (for those using twitter #AusRead17 and our twitter handle @BLBookReviews). Yes, since not all book lovers are necessarily book reviewers,  this year we’re expanding challenge participation to include thoughts about books that you’ve shared on via Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook. Then link to that review post/tweet via the Book Reviews Linky below.

3. When you have completed this challenge tell the world about that achievement, and link to that completion announcement via the Challenge Completion Linky below.

If you ever have any difficulties using the forms below don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]

Resources you may find useful:

Challenge Registration

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Disclosure: If you click a link in this post and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission.

Aussie Book Reviews

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Challenge Completion

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  1. I tried to add a couple of books/links that I read but they aren’t showing. I’ve read THE SPY by James Phelan and AND THE FIRE CAME DOWN by Emma Viskic. I think that puts me at 10 books. Need to squeeze in the last two before the end of the year!

    1. Sorry about this Erin, have been unable to fix it myself so have lodged a support ticket. In the meantime, those review links have been included in our newsletter.

  2. Completed this Challenge and once again totally loved the whole experience – the Good, the Bad , and Ugly.
    Thank you all for sharing.
    Warm wishes, May

    1. Sorry about that – yesterday I made some alterations to my website stylesheet which I hadn’t realised adversely affected those particular forms. They should be working again now. Thanks so much for letting me know Tracey!

  3. I think I have completed the challenge – and more to come in the next few weeks when scheduled posts are live. Those looking for male Aussie authors to finalise their challenge try these: Michael Rowbotham ( new one out) Mark Brandi – Wimerra, Ian Andrew – has a series, AK Aliss – has a series, Nick Gleeson – memoir, Gordon Parker – fiction, Iain Ryan – debut out now..

  4. I’ve just realised I’ve achieved Wallaroo status given the number of books read, but I need 1 more book written by a male (Is it me or does the market seem to be increasingly filled with books written by female writers?) Tim Winton to the rescue (I’ve got his latest, but haven’t got around to reading it).

      1. Actually, I think women have more things to say. I don’t know about you, but I know a whole lot more interesting women than man. Not that one has to be interesting to be able to write a good book (whatever that may be).

      2. I’m not sure about more things to say, but perhaps a different way of expressing them. I don’t keep score as such but when I think back on some of my favourite reads over the years, many are by male authors. I find the different perspective can be refreshing.

      3. I’ve found that too, this year–it’s been easier to find titles by female authors than male authors. Two of my books by male authors were found in secondhand shops, one was a review request and the other I bought at a writers festival. I see plenty of new releases by Australian male authors at Dymocks and various independent bookstores, but they’re a lot harder to find at places like Big W etc.

  5. Sorry Jo, I’ve done it again with the links in the wrong box. I’ll try to post my links when I’m a bit more awake/alert in the future. (Just finished a long shift at work and I’m feeling a little exhausted.)

    1. So great to have you joining us again Yvonne :)
      I’ve not come across any of the titles on your reading list, so look forward to learning more about those.

    1. I did notice that in your round-up – always envious of the number of titles you find time for Kerrie! Lovely to have you back with us for another year.
      And your first Aussie Author Read for the year linked above sounds fantastic, one I’d not come across before either.

  6. Love this challenge but I no longer have access to a website. I’m not sure where i would write my review. I have Facebook but don’t think this is the place for a book review.
    Any suggestions ? I’de love to kangaroo again:)

    1. Happy New Year May! And we love having you participate in our challenge – you unearthed some very interesting titles I’d not heard of 2016.

      Do you use Goodreads? You could write your reviews on there and then link-up those up for the challenge. That’s how Bianca is participating – see below comment discussion and the link to her Goodreads profile page and review of Natasha Lester’s title subsequently added to the linkies above.

    1. Happy New Year Bianca! A very warm welcome to the challenge.

      Don’t forget to add the link to your commitment post (social media) to the registration linky above so that other challenge participants can connect with you. :)

      1. I’m mostly active on Goodreads. I’m also on Twitter, but I don’t necessarily post reviews.

      2. Not a problem at all Bianca. I suggest just adding the link to your Goodreads profile page in the Challenge Registration linky (so people can follow you). Whenever you rate/review a title by an Aussie Author in Goodreads, just add the link to that Goodreads review at the Aussie Book Reviews linky.

      3. Sorry, I seem to have messed up. I was trying to enter my first book and the link to the review.

      4. No worries, all sorted Bianca – easy for me to fix up. The trick is writing “BOOK TITLE by Author (Your Name)” in the ‘Name’ box.

        Great review by the way, since I too enjoy female heroines and books set in the 1920s I’ll be adding Lester’s title to my wish list.