Aussie Author Reading Challenge 2020: Championing Australian writers & book reviews

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Welcome fellow book lovers, to the Aussie Author Reading Challenge 2020, now in our 11th year! Reading challenges tend to come and go, just like book bloggers as their passions and interests change. So our longevity and the passionate Australian book reviewers that continue to support this initiative are things I am both proud and immensely appreciative of.

Aussie Author Reading Challenge 2020 championing Australian book reviewers & writers

Whether you are a patriotic Australian, an aspiring or armchair tourist or simply an international reader wanting to discover some talented new writers and interact with passionate readers, the Aussie Author Challenge could be for you!

Aussie Author Reading Challenge Objective

The objective of this reading challenge is to showcase the quality and diversity of the books being produced by Australian authors.

This dedicated page here at Booklover Book Reviews will be your one-stop shop for the challenge.

What is there to gain by participating in this book challenge?

  • A link to every Australian book review you publish and link up below will be featured in the ‘Aussie Author Challenge Update’ section of our fortnightly Booklover Book Reviews Newsletter (1100+ engaged subscribers). See past newsletters and subscribe via this link.
  • Being welcomed into a passionate group of book lovers, exposure to the diverse range of books being published by Australian writers, and we are sure, your next great read!

Read on to decide which 2020 Aussie Author Challenge level suits you and how you can get involved…

Read and review 3 books written by Australian authors, of which at least 1 of those authors are female, at least 1 of those authors are male, and at least 1 of those authors are new to you; Fiction or non-fiction, any genre.

Read and review 6 books written by Australian authors, of which at least 2 of those authors are female, at least 2 of those authors are male, and at least 2 of those authors are new to you; Fiction or non-fiction, at least 2 different genre.

Read and review 12 books written by Australian Authors of which at least 4 of those authors are female, at least 4 of those authors are male, and at least 4 of those authors are new to you; Fiction or non-fiction, at least 3 different genre.

Read and review 24 books written by Australian Authors of which at least 10 of those authors are female, at least 10 of those authors are male, and at least 10 of those authors are new to you; Fiction or non-fiction, at least 4 different genre.

Aussie Author Reading Challenge 2020


Tell the world you are committing to this reading challenge and at what level. You can do that either on your own website, Facebook, Twitter, or basically any form of social media. In that commitment provide a link to this page and where possible display our Aussie Author Challenge 2020 badge to show your support for this initiative.

Then register for the challenge by submitting the link to your challenge commitment using the ‘Challenge Registration Button’ below.


Each time you read and review a book for this challenge, please also link to this challenge homepage (and use #AussieAuthor20 on social media). Since not all bookworms are book bloggers, challenge participation will include thoughts about books that you have shared on Goodreads, LibraryThing, Instagram, Facebook or other social media channels. Add a link to wherever you shared your thoughts using the ‘Book Reviews Submission Button’ below so that other participants can read them also.


When you have completed this reading challenge, tell the world about that achievement (on your website/social media post). Then use the ‘Challenge Completion Button’ below to submit a link to that.

If you ever have any difficulties using the submission buttons/forms, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] It is very easy for me to fix duplicate entries etc in the back end – don’t worry, everyone makes them :)

Booklists you may find useful in planning your challenge reading:

Challenge Registration

NameLink To Blog or Social Media Account
Cloggie Downunder
The Long Hot Spell
Sanch @ Sanch Writes
Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out
Heather Salter-Purves
Kathryn @ Kathryn's Inbox
Marie Davies
Read3r’z Re-Vu
Veronica @ The Burgeoning Bookshelf
Jo @ Booklover Book Reviews
Lene Bolton
Denise @ Denise Newton Writes
Gutenberg's Reeds
Col @ Col's Criminal Library
Jennifer @ Best Bookish Blog
Jennifer @ Tasmanian Bibliophile
Jeff @ Murder, Mayhem & Long Dogs
Yvonne @ A Darn Good Read
Shonna @ Cdnbookworm
Tracey @ Carpe Librum
Kathy @ Book Reviews and More
Tien @Tien's Blurb
Sarah @ Happy Hobbit's Bookshelf
Tenkara Smart
The Reading Life

Aussie Author Book Reviews

Reviewer NameBook TitleBook AuthorLink To Review
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE TREEHOUSE JOKE BOOKAndy Griffiths
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE QUEST DIARIES OF MAX CRACKJules Faber
Cloggie DownunderTHE PARIS MODELAlexandra Joel
Cloggie DownunderTHE DEVIL INSIDED.L. Hicks
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfLOST BUT FOUND: Rescue dog storiesPeter Sharp
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxRAELIALynette Noni
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutMAGGIE’S GOING NOWHERERose Hartley
Sally906THE MOTHER-IN-LAWSally Hepworth
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsTHE TWENTIETH MANTony Jones
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE BEE & THE ORANGE TREEMelissa Ashley
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileSALTWATERCathy McLennan
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileUNSHACKLEDMichael Beashel
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileUNBOUND JUSTICEMichael Beashel
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileMAURICE BLACKBURNDavid Day
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileWATERSHEDJane Abbott
Cloggie DownunderMILES OFF COURSESulari Gentill
Jeff @ Murder Mayhem & Long DogsDARKNESS FOR LIGHTEmma Viskic
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileSUCCESSIONMichael Beashel
Denise Newton WritesCILKA'S JOURNEYHeather Morris
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfBUCKLEY'S CHANCEGarry Linnell
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE GREAT DIVIDEL.J.M. Owen
Cloggie DownunderPAVING THE NEW ROADSulari Gentill
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileBODIES OF MENNigel Featherstone
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileFIELD OF POPPIESCarmel Bird
The Burgeoning BookshelfDAUGHTER OF VICTORY LIGHTSKerri Turner
Cloggie DownunderAFTER SHE WROTE HIMSulari Gentill
Denise Newton WritesEGGSHELL SKULLBri Lee
Shelleyrae @ Book'd OutTHE DAUGHTER OF VICTORY LIGHTSKerri Turner
Cloggie DownunderGENTLEMEN FORMERLY DRESSEDSulari Gentill
Col @ Col's Criminal LibraryBOXEDRichard Anderson
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE PARIS MODELAlexandra Joel
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileSTORYTIMEJane Sullivan
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileSHEPHERDCatherine Jinks
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumA MONTH OF SUNDAYSLiz Byrski
M @ The Long Hot SpellCHARLOTTE PASSLee Christine
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE CHERRY PICKER'S WIFEKerry Reed-Gilbert
Denise Newton WritesTHE MIND OF A THIEFPatti Miller
Cloggie DownunderA MURDER UNMENTIONEDSulari Gentill
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE SHINING WALLMelissa Ferguson
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE CHANGING ROOMChristine Sykes
Jennifer JonesTALKING TO MY COUNTRYStan Grant
Jeff @ Murder Mayhem & Long DogsCHARLOTTE PASSLee Christine
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileISLAND STORYRalph Crane and Danielle Wood
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxIT SOUNDED BETTER IN MY HEADNina Kenwood
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileASBESTOS IN AUSTRALIA edLenore Layman & Gail Phillips
Cloggie DownunderGIVE THE DEVIL HIS DUESulari Gentill
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileNOTHING NEWRoyn Annear
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE DARKEST SHOREKaren Brooks
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutTHE GIRL WITH THE GOLD BIKINILisa Walker
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumRESURRECTION BAYEmma Viskic
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileJUST AN ORDINARY FAMILYFiona Lowe
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileCUROUS RECOLLECTIONSRobyn Annear
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileCHANGING FORTUNESPaul Tilley
Denise Newton WritesYOUR OWN KIND OF GIRLClare Bowditch
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsTHE WIFE AND THE WIDOWChristian White
Jeff @ Murder Mayhem & Long DogsTHE GOOD TURNDervla McTiernan
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE GOOD TURNDervla McTiernan
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutTHE LAST SMILE IN SUNDER CITYLuke Arnold
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE RIVER HOMEHannah Richell
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophilePERHAPS A LITTLE MADNESSC.J. Martin
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumAND FIRE CAME DOWNEmma Viskic
Col @ Col's Criminal LibraryBOYD AND SARGEBlair Denholm
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE DROVER'S WIFELeah Purcell
Shonna @ CdnBookwormTHE ELEPHANTPeter Carnavas
Cloggie DownunderDESIRE LINESFelicity Volk
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE TRUTH PIXIE GOES TO SCHOOLMatt Haig
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfBLURRED VISIONSteve Harrison
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileRED CAN ORIGAMIMadelaine Dickie
Tien @ Tien's BlurbTHE DRYJane Harper
Sarah @ Happy Hobbit's BookshelfHEART OF THE GRASS TREEMolly Murn
Sarah @ Happy Hobbit's BookshelfTHE TRAUMA CLEANERSarah Krasnostein
Denise Newton WritesBRUNYHeather Rose
Cloggie DownunderTHE LOST LOVE SONGMinne Darke
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE ORDER OF TIMEScott P Southall
Cloggie DownunderTHE SISTERSDervla McTiernan
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE GOLDEN COUNTRYTim Watts
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumTHE RIVER HOMEHannah Richell
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxWHERE THE TRUTH LIESKarina Kilmore
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutTRUTHS I NEVER TOLD YOUKelly Rimmer
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsHER PERFECT LIESLana Newton
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumSHARK ARMPhillip Roope & Kevin Meagher
Cloggie DownunderSMALL MERCIESRichard Anderson
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileBOY ON A WIREJon Doust
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE WOLF HOURSarah Myles
Jeff @ Murder Mayhem & Long DogsWHERE THE TRUTH LIESKarina Kilmore
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsTHE COBRA QUEENTara Moss
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxON JOHN MARSDENAlice Pung
Denise Newton WritesTHE LIONESS WAKESBlanche d'Alpuget
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileDEAD MAN WALKINGKate McClymont
Cloggie DownunderSHEERWATERLeah Swann
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutJUST AN ORDINARY FAMILYFiona Lowe
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfEUPHORIA KIDSAlison Evans
Cloggie DownunderTHE RUINDervla McTiernan
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutDEATH IN THE LADIES GODDESS CLUBJulian Leatherdale
Cloggie DownunderYOU AND MEMichael Leunig
Sarah @ Happy Hobbit's BookshelfHARBOURKate Llewellyn
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileIN THE NAME OF THE FATHERMichael McDermott
Sarah @ Happy Hobbit's BookshelfDIVING INTO GLASSCaro Llewellyn
Sarah @ Happy Hobbit's BookshelfCLADEJames Bradley
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutTRUGANINICassandra Pybus
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE BASS ROCKEvie Wyld
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTRUTHS I NEVER TOLD YOUKelly Rimmer
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileCHARLOTTE PASSLee Christine
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTROPPOMadelaine Dickie
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileBACK ON THE WOOL TRACKMichelle Grattan
Cloggie DownunderTHE SCHOLARDervla McTiernan
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxDARK EMUBruce Pascoe
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxEVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT WRITINGJohn Marsden
Sarah @ Happy Hobbit's BookshelfMINOTAURPeter Goldsworthy
Cloggie DownunderTHE PHILOSOPHER'S DAUGHTERSAlison Booth
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxI CHOOSE ELENALucia Osborne
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsTHE WATERMILLArnold Zable
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsELEPHANTS WITH HEADLIGHTSBem Le Hunte
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfHOW IT FEELS TO FLOATHelena Fox
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumTHE ERRATICSVicki Laveau-Harvie
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfESME'S GIFTEliza
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileJOHN WREN: LIFE RECONSIDEREDJames Griffin
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileLONG WAY HOMENicola Marsh
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileWHERE THE TRUTH LIESKarina Kilmore
Cloggie DownunderTHE GOOD TURNDervla McTiernan
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxDANGER MUSICEddie Ayres
Denise Newton WritesNO SMALL SHAMEChristine Bell
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfSYMPHONY FOR THE MANSarah Brill
Cloggie DownunderBELOW DECKSophie Hardcastle
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileWHERE FORTUNE LIESMary-Anne O'Connor
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileSHEERWATERLeah Swann
Cloggie DownunderGRANDMOTHERS editedHelen Elliott
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxTHE FAMILY LAWBenjamin Law
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutTHE ORIGIN OF MEBernard Gallate
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutSHEERWATERLeah Swann
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileEUPHORIA KIDSAlison Evans
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE END OF CUTHBERT CLOSECassie Hamer
Cloggie DownunderWHERE THE TRUTH LIESKarina Kilmore
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsTHE ORIGIN OF MEBernard Gallate
Denise Newton WritesTHE YIELDTara June Winch
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfRIPTIDESKirsten Alexander
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfMIDWIFE IN THE JUNGLEFiona McArthur
Cloggie DownunderTHE SHIFTING LANDSCAPEKatherine Kovacic
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxGULLIVER'S WIFELauren Chater
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfRED DIRT COUNTRYFleur McDonald
Cloggie DownunderTHE OCTOPUS AND IErin Hortle
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileRIPTIDESKirsten Alexander
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE PARIS SECRETNatasha Lester
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileAFTER SHE WROTE HIMSulari Gentill
Cloggie DownunderSTAR CROSSEDMinne Darke
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfA LOVELY AND TERRIBLE THINGChris Womersley
Cloggie DownunderAMETHYST PLEDGELeonie Rogers
Denise Newton WritesTHE WHITE GIRLTony Birch
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumANY ORDINARY DAYLeigh Sales
Cloggie DownunderTRUTHS I NEVER TOLD YOUKelly Rimmer
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxNO SMALL SHAMEChristine Bell
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxTHE DICTIONARY OF LOST WORDSPip Williams
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileLOVE IS STRONG AS DEATHPaul Kelly
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumGULLIVER'S WIFELauren Chater
Jeff @ Murder Mayhem & Long DogsTHE LONG ROAD HOMEFiona McCallum
Jeff @ Murder Mayhem & Long DogsTHE SHIFTING LANDSCAPEKatherine Kovacic
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileCOMMUNITY OF THIEVESCassandra Py
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE COBRA QUEENTara Moss
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutTHRILL MELynette Washington
Col @ Col's Criminal LibraryFRANTICKetherine Howell
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE LONG ROAD HOMEFiona McCallum
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophilePOISON AND LIGHTGillian Polack
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsALL THE DEAD STARSAK Alliss
Cloggie DownunderTHE LONG SHADOWAnne Buist
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE SECRETS AT OCEAN'S EDGEKali Napier
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE COCONUT REBELLIONMark Stary
Denise Newton WritesTHE WOMEN'S PAGESVictoria Purman
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE WOMEN'S PAGESVictoria Purman
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE HOUSE OF YOUSSEFYumna Kassa
Cloggie DownunderTHE NOWHERE GIRLNicole Trope
Sarah @ Happy Hobbit's BookshelfTHERE WAS STILL LOVEFavel Parrett
Sarah @ Happy Hobbit's BookshelfMULLUMBIMBYMelissa Lucashenko
Cloggie DownunderWHO WE WEREB.M. Carroll
Cloggie DownunderTAKING TOM MURRAY HOMETim Slee
Cloggie DownunderMAMMOTHChris Flynn
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileDENTAL TOURISMMark O'Flynn
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE LOST LOVE SONGMinnie Darke
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumMAMMOTHChris Flynn
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE BOUNDARY FENCEAlissa Callen
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfSEARCHING FOR SEASHELLSKerry Rosser
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfGO AWAY GLOB!Sarah Elliott Smyth
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfMURMURATIONSCarol Lefevre
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsTHE PHILOSOPHER'S DAUGHTERSAlison Booth
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileJASPER JONESCraig Silvey
Cloggie DownunderTHE DICTIONARY OF LOST WORDSPip Williams
Denise NewtonCUTTING THE CORDNatasha Molt
Cloggie DownunderONE LAST CHILDAnni Taylor
Cloggie DownunderTHE SAFE PLACEAnna Downes
Cloggie DownunderTHE DECEPTIONSSuzanne Leal
Denise NewtonTELL ME WHYArchie Roach
Cloggie DownunderTHE CAKE MAKER'S WISHJosephine Moon
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookkshelfFOOL ME ONCEKarly Lane
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileWHITE DOGPeter Temple
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileROYAL CANBERRA HOSPITALJanet Newman and Jennie Warren
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileFINDING ULLAGUNDAHI ISLANDFabienne Bayet-Charlton
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutRADIO GIRLDavid Dufty
Cloggie DownunderBEYOND FEARJaye Ford
Denise NewtonINVISIBLE BOYSHolden Sheppard
Cloggie DownunderTHE RAIN HERONRobbie Arnott
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileWHEN GRACE WENT AWAYMeredith Appleyard
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxIN THE TIME OF FOXESJo Lennan
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileWIREDJohn Hollenkamp
Cloggie DownunderBREEDA LOONEY STEPS FORTHOliver Sands
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfSIX MINUTESPetronella McGovern
Cloggie DownunderTHE END OF CUTHBERT CLOSECassie Hamer
Denise NewtonWHEN GRACE WENT AWAYMeredith Appleyard
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumTORCHEDKimberley Starr
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutTHE LONG SHADOWAnne Buist
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileSMALL MERCIESRichard Anderson
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE ANIMALS IN THAT COUNTRYLaura Jean McKay
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE EDIBLE GARDEN COOKBOOK AND GROWING GUIDEPaul West
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfDEATH IN THE LADIES' GODDESS CLUBJulian Leatherdale
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfPREYL. A. Larkin
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutTHE HUNTEDGabriel Bergmoser
Denise NewtonEVIE AND POG: PARTY PERFECTTania McCartney
Cloggie DownunderTHE RIVER HOMEHannah Richell
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsMAMMOTHChris Flynn
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfJUST DESSERTSCharlotte Ree
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE SERVICE OF CLOUDSDelia Falconer
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileNINE PERFECT STRANGERSLiane Moriarty
Avid Series ReaderBLOOD AND CIRCUSESKerry Greenwood
Avid Series ReaderFORBIDDEN FRUITKerry Greenwood
Denise NewtonTABOOKim Scott
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxTHE APPLICATION OF PRESSURERachael Mead
Cloggie DownunderGOOD GIRL, BAD GIRLMichael Robotham
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfAN ALICE GIRLTanya Heaslip
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfJUST ONE WISHRachael Johns
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophilePRIDE AGAINST PREJUDICEIda West
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE RAIN HERONRobbie Arnott
Denise NewtonTHE WEEKENDCharlotte Wood
Cloggie DownunderA DANGEROUS LANGUAGESulari Gentill
Cloggie DownunderSTICKS AND STONESKatherine Firkin
Cloggie DownunderWHEN SHE WAS GOODMichael Robotham
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileDRAGON'S GATEVivian Bi
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumWHERE THE DEAD GOSarah Bailey
Cloggie DownunderLAPSESarah Thornton
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxPLEASE DON'T HUG MEKay Kerr
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxSICK BAYNova Weetman
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumTHE INNOCENT READERDebra Adelaide
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileI CHOOSE ELENALucia Osborne-Crowley
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTOUR DE FORCERoman Quaedvlieg
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileSTICKS AND STONESKatherine Firkin
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileDEADMAN'S TRACKSarah Barrie
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE SAFE PLACEAnna Downes
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE SILK HOUSEKayte Nunn
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumTHE RAIN HERONRobbie Arnott
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE GOLDMINER'S SISTERAlison Stuart
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutTHE CONVICT VALLEYMark Dunn
Cloggie DownunderSUBTERRANEANB.Michael Radburn
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumTHE SILK HOUSEKayte Nunn
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxCLUBLANDTara Jenkinson
Avid Series ReaderTHE COLD COLD GROUNDAdrian McKinty
Cloggie DownunderFINDING EADIECaroline Beecham
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxPETA LYRE'S RATING NORMALAnna Whateley
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileDARKNESS FOR LIGHTEmma Viskic
Avid Series ReaderCOOKING THE BOOKSKerry Greenwood
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTOO MUCH LIPMelissa Lucashenko
Denise NewtonEVERYWHERE I LOOKHelen Garner
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileWHEN SHE WAS GOODMichael Robotham
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumMY SMOKO BREAKHayley Maudsley
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfMAMMOTHChris Flynn
Cloggie DownunderGRAVE TALES MELBOURNE VOL 1Helen Goltz & Chris Adams
Denise NewtonA PARTICULAR WOMANAshley Dawson-Damer
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfCRACK UPJules Faber
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumSUBTERRANEANB. Michael Radburn
Cloggie DownunderBLACK CLOUDSandi Wallace
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutTHE BLUFFSKyle Perry
Jennifer @Tasmanian BibliophileTHE DEVIL INSIDED.L. Hicks
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxA PARTICULAR WOMANAshley Dawson-Damer
Jennifer @Tasmanian BibliophileWHERE THE DEAD GOSarah Bailey
Denise NewtonTHE GOLDMINER'S SISTERAlison Stuart
Jeff @ murdermayhem andlongdogsSTICKS AND STONESKatherine Firkin
Jeff @ murdermayhem andlongdogsTHE LONG SHADOWAnne Buist
Jeff @ murdermayhem andlongdogsBOTTLEBRUSH CREEKMaya Linnell
Jeff @ murdermayhem andlongdogsTHE SAFE PLACEAnna Downes
Jeff @ murdermayhem andlongdogsTHE BLUFFSKyle Perry
Jeff @ murdermayhem andlongdogsDEADMAN'S TRACKSarah Barrie
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfMY LIFE FOR YOURSVanessa Carnevale
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileRISE AND SHINEPatrick Allington
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileINTO THE NIGHTSarah Bailey
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE FOGGINGLuke Horton
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutIN THE CLEARINGJ.P. Pomare
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxHER PERILOUS MANSIONSean Williams
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE WOUNDED SINNERGus Henderson
Cloggie DownunderHER LAST WORDSKim Kelly
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE LAST MIGRATIONCharlotte McConaghy
Denise NewtonPEA AND NUT GO FOR GOLD!Matt Stanton
Cloggie DownunderHER LAST WORDSKim Kelly
Cloggie DownunderNINETEEN DAYSKath Engebretson
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxTHERE WAS STILL LOVEFavel Parrett
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileDEATH ON THE DERWENTRobin Bowles
Cloggie DownunderTHE LAST MIGRATIONCharlotte McConaghy
Cloggie DownunderFIGHTING DIRTYBlair Denholm
Cloggie DownunderMURDER IN THE MIDSTSandi Wallace
Sanch @ Sanch WritesWHERE THE TREES WEREInga Simpson
Sanch @ Sanch WritesTHE LITTLE WAVEPip Harry
Sanch @ Sanch WritesA CONSTANT HUMAlice Bishop
Sanch @ Sanch WritesBRUNYHeather Rose
Sanch @ Sanch WritesI CHOOSE ELENALucia Osborne - Crowley
Sanch @ Sanch WritesHAPPY NEVER AFTERJill Stark
Sanch @ Sanch WritesSHE I DARE NOT NAMEDonna Ward
Sanch @ Sanch WritesHOW IT FEELS TO FLOATHelena Fox
Sanch @ Sanch WritesSENSITIVEAllayne Webster
Sanch @ Sanch WritesKINDREDKirli Saunders
Sanch @ Sanch WritesPHOSPHORESCENCEJulia Baird
Sanch @ Sanch WritesROOM FOR A STRANGERMelanie Cheng
Sanch @ Sanch WritesTHE HATE RACEMaxine Beneba Clarke
Sanch @ Sanch WritesMY FATHER"S SHADOWJannali Jones
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsTHE SAFE PLACEAnna Downes
Cloggie DownunderTHE NIGHT WHISTLERGreg Woodland
Jennifer @Tasmanian BibliophileTHE NIGHT SWIMMegan Goldin
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumYOU DON'T KNOW MESara Foster
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutPOLYPaul Dalgarno
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfREASONABLE DOUBTXanthe Mallett
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutTHE NIGHT WHISTLERGreg Woodland
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumFIND YOUR LIGHTBelinda Davidson
Denise NewtonTHE LOVE THAT REMAINSSusan Francis
Cloggie DownunderNINE PERFECT STRANGERSLiane Moriarty
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHER'S A ZOO IN MY POOProf. Felice Jacka
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE LONG SHADOWAnne Buist
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutSTATE HIGHWAY ONESam Coley
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxMY SISTER ROSAJustine Larbalestier
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutWHEN SHE WAS GOODMichael Robotham
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsTHE NIGHT WHISTLERGreg Woodland
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxTHE GIRL SHE WASRebecca Freeborn
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileHUNTING THE WILD PINEAPPLEThea Astley
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumFLYAWAYKathleen Jennings
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfLONG HOT SUMMERVictoria Purman
veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfBROKER BROTHER FIREWORKSMick Murray
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfJUST AN ORDINARY FAMILYFiona Lowe
Veronica @ The Burgeoning BookshelfTHE LAST PARADISEDi Morrissey
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutBUSH SCHOOLPeter O’Brien
Denise NewtonTEN ROGUESPeter Grose
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE TOLSTOY ESTATESteven Conte
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE BLUFFSKyle Perry
Jennifer @ Tasmanian BibliophileTHE WASP AND THE ORCHIDDanielle Clode
Cloggie DownunderTHE LOST BLACKBIRDLiza Perrat
Kathryn @ Kathryn's InboxNIGHT SWIMMINGSteph Bowe
Col @ Col's Criminal LibraryTHE DRYJane Harper
Col @ Col's Criminal LibraryFIGHTING DIRTYBlair Denholm
Shelleyrae @ Book’d OutPUBLIC ENEMIESMark Dapin
Jo @ Booklover Book ReviewsTHE LAST LIONS OF AFRICAAnthony Ham
Tracey @ Carpe LibrumREASONABLE DOUBTDr Xanthe Mallett
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